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how to make the farmer wear his sun hat

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Hide around the garden and wait for the Groundskeeper to tend to the garden, then you can sneak to his side and swipe the hat right off his head. Alternatively, you can snag the hat from him when he takes it off to wipe his brow. Run away with the hat and hide it in the bushes, and the Groundkeeper will be forced to wear the sun hat.

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  • How to make the groundskeeper wear his sun hat in Untitled Goose?

  • Make the Groundskeeper Wear His Sun Hat is a To-Do List task in Untitled Goose Game. This To-Do List item takes place in the Garden area. To make the Groundskeeper change hats, you’ll need him to take off his first hat.

  • How do you hide the sun hat in the garden?

  • Grab the hat off his head and hide it out of sight. When he can鈥檛 find it, he鈥檒l go into the garden and put on his sun hat. That鈥檚 it for all the standard missions in the garden.

  • How do you put the sun hat on the red flower?

  • Pull the red flower to make him bend over to bury it. Grab the hat he is wearing then run and hide it. He will then go and put on the sun hat. Alternately, you can make him smash his thumb with the hammer, he falls down and you can grab the hat and run away. Then he will put on the sun hat.

  • How do you get the hat on the gardener’s head?

  • Once you have the hat, start running towards that lake outside the garden and go to the opposite side and drop the hat. The gardener won鈥檛 go that far to fetch his old hat. He will come running behind you and after reaching the middle of the lake, he will go back to fetch the new Sun Hut and put it on his head.

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