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what is swine farming

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Swine farming,also known as hog farming or pig farming,consists of raising and breeding domestic pigsmostly for food (pork products,bacon) and also for their skin. Like many areas of agriculture,swine farming has its own unique vocabulary,making it easier to communicate with others involved in the raising and breeding of pigs.

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  • What is swine or pig?

  • Swine or Pig, or Hog, is one of the oldest domestic animals in the world. The pigs become domesticated in the bronze age from Wilde boar. The swine are reared as farm animals and supply a large protein for human consumption.

  • What are the different types of swine farms?

  • There are five common types of swine farms, each with their own unique characteristics and specialties. Farrow-to-Finish 鈥?These farms manage the pig for the duration of its growth and development.

  • How do you farm swine?

  • There are two ways to farm swine either free range or housed. You can build a wooden pen, metal or block pen. The pen could be outdoors or indoors depending on the geographical area and weather conditions. The pen needs a shelter roof and height should not exceed 5 ft. Free range pigs require a sturdy perimeter fence.

  • Can you make money raising swine?

  • Swine production is mostly undertaken on larger farms, but there are still plenty of small producers, and countless opportunities to make money raising hogs on a part-time basis.

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