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what is the dell in the farmer in the dell

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what is the dell in the farmer in the dell插图

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small wooded valley

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  • Where did the song the farmer in the Dell come from?

  • The rhyme has been translated in different languages like English, French, Romanian or Thai, while the German version of the song 鈥淓s fuhr ein Bau鈥檙 ins Holz鈥?is the original one, dating back to 1820s Germany. The Farmer in the Dell is also a very popular singing game, being played by a group of children, usually nine.

  • What is the farmer in the Dell nursery rhyme?

  • The Farmer In The Dell is one of the very funny and most popular nursery rhymes of all times. It is almost 200 years old. This song also refers to a singing game. The origin of this poem is Germany and in no time, it became famous all over the world, especially in the USA.

  • How does the farmer take a wife in the Dell?

  • The farmer in the dell At 鈥淭he farmer takes a wife鈥?verse the 鈥渇armer鈥?will have to choose, without looking a 鈥渨ife鈥?from the group of dancing players. The two kids, the 鈥渇armer鈥?and the 鈥渨ife鈥?will stay now together in the middle, holding hands and forming another circle.

  • What is the rhyme of the cheese in the Dell?

  • This is a rhyme about a farmer who is in the dell. As the song proceeds, the farmer takes his wife. The wife takes the child along with her. The child takes the nurse, the nurse takes the cow, the cow takes the dog, the dog takes the cat, the cat takes the mouse, and the mouse takes the cheese along with him.

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