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why farmers use traditional tools in subsistence farming

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Answer: Farmers use primitive, traditional tools in subsistence farming becauseSubsistence farming is done by the farmer to grow crop and feed his family rather to sell. What are the 3 main features that separate commercial agriculture from subsistence agriculture?

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  • What are the tools used in agriculture?

  • This is done on a small scale and in a very simple way. The farmers use simple tools to prepare the land for farming, in weeding and at harvesting. Equipment used include hoes, axes, ox-drawn ploughs, knives, fire and baskets.

  • What do subsistence farmers grow?

  • Subsistence farmers grow traditional crops such as maize, rice, sorghum, groundnuts, rapoko, millet and cassava. They keep livestock in the form of cattle, goats, mules, donkeys, pigs and some poultry. This is done on a small scale and in a very simple way.

  • What is traditional agriculture?

  • What is Traditional Agriculture? Traditional agriculture can be defined as a primitive style of food production and farming that involves the intensive use of indigenous knowledge, land use, traditional tools, natural resources, organic fertilizer and cultural beliefs of the farmers.

  • Why is modern farming so Tech-reliant?

  • Modern farming is far more tech-reliant than you may realize. We use a lot of tools, equipment, and machines to make the job easier. These things all cost money. On subsistence farms, farmers work to keep inputs low. They don鈥檛 depend on a lot of machines. Many use horses or oxen to pull plows and discs.

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