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why can t truffles be farmed

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Truffles grow within the root systems of chestnut,oak and hazelnut trees,mostly in Italy,and,though many have tried,they cannot be farmed,which is why they are so expensive. The truffle鈥檚 scent emits through the soil,strong enough that the dogs can sniff out the fungi with ease.

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  • Can you grow Burgundy truffles in Ontario?

  • Growers in Ontario will be producing Burgundy truffles, a rare variety that matures in the fall, compared to other truffles that mature in the winter or in the summer. There are some native truffles in Ontario, and when found in the wild, are highly valuable.

  • Is it possible to grow truffles?

  • Growing truffles is very difficult and often does not bring the results one hoped. For this reason, the search on different truffle soils is still the most used way to collect the precious underground mushroom. Finding truffles is not easy, there are very strict regulations to protect this gift of the earth.

  • Why are humans attracted to truffles?

  • Much like animals, humans are attracted to truffles because of the scent they produce. The aroma and taste of truffles is often described as musky, earthy, and pungent, and can be attributed to the pheromone androstanol and other volatile compounds. Truffles need to be recovered (foraged) from under the soil.

  • How are truffles recovered from under the soil?

  • Truffles need to be recovered (foraged) from under the soil. Traditionally, this was done with help from pigs. Sows are attracted to the scent of truffles because truffles contain the pheromone androstanol which is a sex hormone also found in the saliva of male pigs.

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