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  • What does the future hold for Ugandan farmers?

  • Booming domestic and regional demand for higher-value foods arising from income growth, urbanization, and dietary shifts offer massive opportunities for Ugandan farmers, the report says, and for value chains beyond farm production, and better jobs in agriculture.

  • Is there a search for Uganda鈥檚 best farmers?

  • trueVision Group in partnership with dfcu bank and the Netherlands Embassy in Uganda is searching for Uganda鈥檚 best farmers. Harvest Money shall profile nominated farmers every Tuesday until September when a panel of judges shall select Uganda鈥檚 best farmers.

  • Why do we work in Uganda?

  • Our work in Uganda. Uganda is a landlocked and fertile country with many lakes and rivers. Some 83% of the population live in rural areas and rely on subsistence agriculture. More than half live in poverty without reliable access to food, as despite Uganda鈥檚 good soil and favourable weather, there are many barriers preventing poor farmers making…

  • Is this bird challenging traditional poultry farming methods in Uganda?

  • This bird right from its introduction in Uganda seems to be steadily challenging traditional commercial and subsistence poultry farming methods by creating a new poultry farming niche combing both methods.

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