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de uijlenes rustic farm & forest weddings

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  • Can I book accommodation at de uijlenes?

  • Although each wedding venue at De Uijlenes offers accommodation to wedding guests adjacent to the venue, these options might not be suitable for all guests. We do have the Nonnetjie Uijlhuis on the farm which can be booked out for bigger weddings that require extra accommodation on the farm.

  • Why have a wedding at de uijlenes?

  • Two rustic wedding venues with natural forest and water settings for the ceremony and a charmingly capacious barn dance hall or Canadian log cabin for the celebrations. De Uijlenes can accommodate more than 150 guests on the farm in simple rooms adjacent to the wedding venues and just a short stumble across the grass.

  • Why choose Dede uijlenes?

  • De Uijlenes is a rustic farm and forest wedding venue. We strive to be as authentic and natural as possible to ensure that your day is as real as it can be. We have two wedding venues on the farm and both have an intrinsic natural beauty. Log cabin romance and rustic bliss, this one takes some beating.

  • Why choose DeWalt Dede uijlenes venue?

  • De Uijlenes Venue offers a relaxed atmosphere and enchanting natural setting on a farm that is perfect for any and all weddings that include: The Forest and Old Barn await you in this enchanting woodland wedding setting that will get your heart fluttering as you enter through the gates and meander along the forest aisle.

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