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are farmed mussels sustainable

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Evidence suggests that farmed mussels are a healthy source of animal protein and are alow carbon and environmentally sustainable food choice. A report published in the journal Nutrients earlier this year found that farmed mussels offer more protein per kilogram of edible product than eggs.

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  • Are clams and mussels good for the environment?

  • Not only are they delicious and nutritious, but they鈥檙e also a more environmentally friendly choice than fish and crustaceans. Clams, mussels, and oysters are bivalves and members of the invertebrate mollusk family.

  • Are mussels a healthy alternative to meat?

  • Mussels could be the protein and omega-3 boosting answer for home cooks who want to cut back on eating meat but don’t want to go completely vegan. A big bowl of delicious mussels, swimming in your favourite sauce, has the potential to do more than just satiate your appetite.

  • How are blue Blue Mussels farmed?

  • Blue mussels are farmed in the ocean on longlines and racks. These structures provide an anchor to which mussel larvae attach and grow. Longlines and racks result in negligible habitat damage. Mussels filter food from the water, and do not require any additional feed from farmers.

  • Are mussels the key to a low carbon diet?

  • The study proposes that a diet rich in mussels could provide a healthy alternative to people who want to adopt a low carbon diet but don鈥檛 want to go fully vegan. 鈥淢ussel production has a relatively low GHG production and does not put undue pressure on land or freshwater supplies,鈥?the study reads.

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