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what is web farm

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A web farm is acollection of servers housed in a single location called a data centerin order to function as a coordinated group that can be controlled and managed easily.

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  • What is web farm in web hosting?

  • Web Farm. When a web application is hosted on multiple web servers and access based on the load on servers, it is called Web Farm. In web farm, a single application is hosted on multiple IIS server and these IIS servers are connected with the VIP (Virtual IP) with load balancer.

  • What is the difference between web farms and web gardens?

  • So, a Web application hosted on multiple servers and access based on the load on servers is called Web Farms and when a single application pool contains multiple Worker processes, it is called a web garden. Now, I am going to show how you can change the Number of Worker processes in both IIS 6 and IIS 7.

  • Is it possible to download the web farm framework?

  • Microsoft has discontinued Web Farm Framework and this download is no longer available.

  • How to share session data between multiple servers in web farm?

  • But, in Web farm mode, we can share the session among all the servers using a single session store location by making it Out proc (State Server or SQL Server Mode). So, if some of the servers go down and request is transferred to the other server by the Load balancer, session data should be available for that request.

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