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how to get a farm tax exempt number in wv

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how to get a farm tax exempt number in wv插图

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Telephone the IRS at800-829-4933to obtain a tax ID number for your farm. A representative will complete the form for you over the telephone by asking questions pertaining to your farm. After walking you through the form, the representative will provide you with your tax ID number.

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  • What is the sales tax exemption for businesses in West Virginia?

  • The sales tax exemption is only intended to be used for inventory that will be resold and not intended for the tax-free purchase of items used in normal business operations such as paper, pens, etc. Note that the Certificate of Exemption is different from a business license. Learn more about starting a business in West Virginia.

  • How do I buy tax-exempt prescription drugs in West Virginia?

  • The state of West Virginia provides a particular form to be used when you wish to purchase tax-exempt items such as prescription medicines. The West Virginia Consumers Sales and Service and Use Tax Resale Certificate should be utilized when purchasing tax exempt merchandise, such as goods specifically intended for resale.

  • How to fill out the West Virginia Certificate of exemption?

  • How to fill out the West Virginia Certificate of Exemption 鈥?SSTGB FORM F0003 Filling out SSTGB FORM F0003 is pretty straightforward but is critical for the seller to gather all of the information. If audited, the West Virginia State Tax Department requires the seller to have a correctly filled out SSTGB FORM F0003 Certificate of Exemption.

  • How do I get an agricultural sales tax exemption?

  • Registering for a farm number, filing your Schedule F and getting an agricultural land valuation all establish you and your farm. Doing them will help you establish that you are a farmer to be able to get an agricultural sales tax exemption.

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