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Tag: What is a bee smoker

how to have honey bee farm

What tools do you need to bees?

As far as non-essential, but helpful equipment goes, you’ll want to look at getting the following: 1 A brush — Used to push bees away from your work area 2 Knife — A knife gives a sharper edge where the hive tool fails 3 Containers — Elegant designs in place of mason jars 4 Frame grip — A specialized tool for removing the frames 5 Scratcher — A comb looking tool to remove the cappings

What equipment do I need to beekeeping?

As for the specific equipment that you’ll require, you’ll be looking to get the following as the bare necessities: 1 Beehives – There are different types of bee hives & kits that we’ll be discussing 2 Beekeeping Suit – Used to protect your body from bee stings 3 Honey Extractors – Equipment to extract honey from your frames using tangential force 4 Bee Hive Tool – A tool to help wedge your hive open 5 Bee Feeders – A simple tool for feeding your bees, leaving more honey for you 6 Bee Smoker – A device to help calm bees whilst you open and interact with the hive/colony

Why do we need a bee feeder?

The reason why we use a bee feeder is simple, you want for you bees to thrive, without having to go hungry and potentially have bees dying, and secondly, we don’t want for the bees to be too hungry where they’re consuming large amounts of honey, because we want some of that…. Although let’s not be greedy now.

What is a bee hive kit?

Honey Extractors – Equipment to extract honey from your frames using tangential force. Bee Hive Tool – A tool to help wedge your hive open.

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What is a bee smoker?

A bee smoker is a device used to by beekeepers to insert smoke into the beehive. This smoke acts as a harmless agent to help relax the bees, to allow for you to enter the hive without frightening or spooking them. Afterall, we want to keep the colony calm as we inspect, install or extract items from the hive.

Can automated honey hives take honey?

Some people also like automated honey hives, which will automatically take honey from the frames and have it ready to access at the turn of a tap. We have a guide available on the best flow hives for sale, which you can take a look at here.

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