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Tag: What is a biogas plant in Farming Simulator 19

how to plant grass in farming simulator 19

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Plow where you want grass,plant grass seed,use the roller. Viola,grass that grows. You can get back the grass texture using the terrain editing tools,but the grass texture you add won’t grow. If you want harvestable grass,you need to plow and plant grass. If you just want the look then edit the terrain.

What’s new in Farming Simulator 19 season 19?

Farming Simulator 19: Seasons 19 – Grass, hay, silage, straw. The grass dries and turns into hay, which is good for animals. You can store it during winter. In Seasons 19, however, it isn’t as easy – the grass dries in stages, and the pace and quality are mainly affected by the weather.

How do I get hay and silage in Farming Simulator 19?

This chapter focuses on properties and ways of getting grass, hay and silage in Farming Simulator 19. Each of these goods has its usage in animal husbandry. However, you can also use them to get a bit of money without too much work. Tip: hay, straw, grass and silage bales can be purchased at the Shop – after that you can start animal husbandry.

What is a biogas plant in Farming Simulator 19?

In Farming Simulator 19, a Biogas Plant allows you to: 1 Sell slurry, manure and silage, 2 Get digestate by selling silage, 3 Have access to large silos with high capacity where you can process silage and sell it on the spot. More …

Where can I find cultivators in Farming Simulator 19?

Tip 3: You can find cultivators in the shop under the following categories: Cultivators, Power/Disc harrows, and Planters/Seeders (here you will find the machines that plant and cultivate at the same time). Tip 4: Farming Simulator 19 introduces a new shop category: Disc/Power harrows. They are also cultivators, but of a different design.

How many liters of grass seed is needed for a hectare?

Each hectare of Grass sown requires approximately 300 liters of seeds. This is significantly less than most other crops. Note that once a field has been sown with Grass, it no longer needs to be sown after each harvest.

What happens when you cut grass on a mower?

During Mowing, each mower head spreads its Loose Grass on the ground in a wide, shallow Heap. Multiple cutting heads leave multiple heaps, resulting in a very wide blanket of Loose Grass on the ground behind the mower vehicle. This blanket would take a very long time to pick up with any machinery.

How long does it take for grass to grow?

At "Normal" crop growth speed the first growth stage will be reached after 10 hours – about 50% longer than most other crops. However, after only 10 more hours the Grass will have reached its Harvestable stage – much faster than any other crop.

What is silage used for?

It can now also be used to create Total Mixed Ration, a super-food for Cows that maximizes their Productivity and breeding rate.

When to use a teddy bear after mowing?

It is generally best to use the Tedder immediately after Mowing the grass (see above ), as it will turn the blanket of Loose Grass into a blanket of Hay. You can then use a Windrower ( above) to organize the Hay for collection.

How many stages does grass have?

Grass only has one Harvest stage, and never advances past it. It never withers, even if the "Plant withering" option is turned on.

What is grass in farming simulator 19?

Grass is a type of Crop in Farming Simulator 19. It is a unique crop that requires multiple unique (but often cheap) machinery to grow and harvest. The end product, Loose Grass, is plentiful but extremely cheap. It is primarily useful in Animal Husbandry .

How to get silage from grass?

The second method to get silage is to collect grass. Use any baler to crate bales. Then, use KUHN SW 4014 wrapper to wrap every bale. Wait about 24 hours – every bale should now contain silage. KUHN FBP 3135 can create bales and wrap them at the same time.

How to sell silage in Biogas?

Silage. You can sell silage by visiting a special tank in the Biogas Plant. Silage is fermented grass. You can get money out of it – sell it at the selling point or by visiting the Biogas Plant. Besides money, the Biogas Plant will also give you digestate – a natural fertilizer. However, the only way to use a Biogas Plant is to purchase …

What is the purpose of leveler in silo?

Use leveler to level silage in a silo.

What machine to use to get hay?

This machine scatters grass allowing it to wither – grass that wasn’t run over with tedders won’t turn into hay. Use Windrowers on hay. After that, you can collect hay with a baler or an auger wagon.

How to get silage?

Silage can be obtained in two ways: by keeping it in a covered silo or by wrapping a grass or hay bale. Getting silage from a silo – put grass, hay or chaff (you can get it only by using a special combine) in a silo. You can find silos near a Biogas Plant (available after purchasing).

How long does silage fermentation take?

Once you are done, leave your vehicle and cover the silage. This starts the fermentation process which lasts around 24 hours. Remove the cover from the silo – your silage is ready. Collect it with any front loader with a shovel or with a special attachment – forks.

What is the best mower to collect grass?

You need a mover to collect grass. You can choose from a few models that work at different levels: Pottinger Novacat X8 ED and Novacat 301 ED are the best choice. Thanks to that you can mow three belts at the same time.

Why should you keep straw under a roof?

Straw and hay can be kept under a roof to protect them from the rain and not let them rot provided they are dry. Wet resources left in a dump will start to rot. The grass will always rot – even if you place it under a roof.

What happens if hay gets wet?

If the hay gets wet, it must also dry. Otherwise, it will rot.

Why is wind important for grass?

Besides the sun and the temperature, the wind is also important for the drying rate of the grass.

Do you have to scatter grass when mowing?

If you mow dry grass (with low humidity), you don’t have to scatter it - just leave it in the sun to start the process of turning it into hay. If, however, the grass was wet, it needs to be scattered. If it starts raining on dry grass, you will have to scatter it, too. If it is dry for a long time, the grass will rot.

Can you store grass in winter?

The grass dries and turns into hay, which is good for animals. You can store it during winter. In Seasons 19, however, it isn’t as easy – the grass dries in stages, and the pace and" quality " are mainly affected by the weather. If you don’t dry the grass fast enough, it can rot.

Can you bail grass to make hay?

This is a completely useless procedure if you are not going to wrap it with a film to create a silage. Bailed grass won’t dry and turn into hay nor it can’t be sold.

What information does MT9 give you?

When the scanning is complete, you will receive a set of information about the object (provided you haven’t selected the wrong object, for example, a car). For soil, you will get the necessary information about growth, hydration, fertilizer and much more. MT9 can also be used to study trees.

How does humidity affect the season?

However, if it is too high, you won’t be able to harvest. The increase in humidity, of course, affects irrigation and rain. The drying rate is affected only by the weather – temperature, sunlight, and wind. This also applies to the grass: if you mow when it is still wet, you have to scatter it to make it dry. If the grass is wetted, you need to dry it again. If it can’t dry – it will rot.

What happens if you mow grass when it is wet?

This also applies to the grass: if you mow when it is still wet, you have to scatter it to make it dry. If the grass is wetted, you need to dry it again. If it can’t dry – it will rot. To check the humidity in a given place, you can purchase a tool available in the store – Lizard MT-9, in the "others" category.

What happens if you plant seeds after planting?

It occurs immediately after planting, and if the conditions are unfavorable, it may end in failure. If that happens, you will need to plant again and spend more money on seeds. The success of germination is affected by temperature – the only way to succeed is to plant seeds when the temperature is high.

When do weeds die?

Weeds begin to grow only at a favorable (high) temperature; when the temperature is low, they die off (however, this usually also happens to other plants in the full growth phase),

Do weeds occupy the entire field?

Now, weeds don’t occupy the entire field. Instead, they appear in small areas.

Can germination fail in a field?

Germination. Usually, germination failure happens only in small areas on the field devoid of plants; in critical situations, however, such as very low temperatures, it can lead to the loss of all seeds on the field. A big change in plant cultivation is the additional stage of growth – germination.

How many plants can you grow in Farming Simulator 19?

Farming Simulator 19 enables you can grow 13 types of plants. It’s difficult to answer the question which plants should be grown to begin with, especially if you intend to invest in husbandry as well. If you are not very well familiar with the requirements of animals, it’s worth taking a look at the Husbandry chapter in this guide.

What crops generate the most profit?

Grains such as wheat, barley and oats generate considerable profits, but only when you collect straw – which is a monotonous and time-consuming job. Root crops generate very large yields: it’s hard to do without good machinery, capacious trailers and an optional belt system.

What are some good ideas for animal husbandry?

If you’re going to invest in animal husbandry, the good ideas in general are: grass (if you can afford it – it’s not always worth sowing the whole field only with grass) and corn cultivation.

Is sugarcane a good crop?

Sugarcane is one of the most efficient crops – but it requires a lot of work.

Can you grow and harvest other plants using the same equipment?

Use of basic machines: if you want to grow and harvest other plants, you can do it using almost the same equipment.

What are the tools needed to sow a plant?

Different types of tools are needed for different plants: In the Seeders category you will find tools for sowing wheat, rye, rape, oats, soybean, grass and oilseed radish (natural manure).

How to fertilize radish?

Oilseed radish is the cheapest and simplest method of fertilization. Use a seeder to plant the radish. When it grows, use a cultivator (preferably with a seeded) to destroy the radish that will enrich the soil. This method is the cheapest because it only costs you seeds. Additionally, you can "destroy" the radish already in the first stage of its growth – when the first leaves appear.

How many actions can you carry out in one go?

Tip: the vast majority of cultivators have an in-built seeder and/or fertilizer spreader: you can carry out two or even three actions in one go!

What happens if you don’t plow the field?

Plowing is recommended after each crop of maize, potatoes, beet and reed: if you don’t plow the field, the yield will be reduced by 15%.

How to get digestestate?

Digestate – if you acquire silage (place the collected grass in a pile, whisk and wait for it to ferment; wrap bales of grass or hay and wait for the silage), you can deliver it to the Biomass plant . It will earn you money and you will be able to acquire digestate to fill the slurry tanks.

Why is fertilization important in farming?

Fertilization is an important activity for increasing the yields from a given field. After each harvest, the fertility of soil returns to its basic level. You can fertilize the field before the sowing/planting stage. You can only fertilize again at each subsequent plant growth stage. For maximum efficiency, fertilize the field twice: preferably during sowing/planting and at any stage of plant growth – but before they are ready for harvest. Farming Simulator 19 offers many possibilities to improve the condition of your fields:

What to do if you have weeds in your field?

Tip 1: If weeds appear on a field you have not yet sown, both cultivation and ploughing will destroy the weeds. In an empty field, you don’t have to use either spraying or weeder.