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Tag: What is a farmer’s tractor

how to have a small farm

Why is small acreage farming important?

Small acreage farming has become more prominent for a variety of reasons – some started with a hobby farm to grow their own food and sell their surplus, some are starting small organic farms to meet that demand, some are starting small hemp farms, and some small farms are just another way to make extra money at the local farmer’s market.

What is a farmer’s tractor?

A farmer’s tractor and implements are the tools he relies on to get things done in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost as in years past.

Is it easy to make money farming?

Making money farming is not easy. Large commercial farms are always looking for ways to save money and small scale farming is no exception. Growers start by finding the best tractor for a small farm that they can rely on. There are many small farm implements and equipment that farmers use with their small farm tractors to get laborious farming …

Who makes raised bed shapers?

Kennco Manufacturing, Inc has taken its 45 years of experience in building the best raised bed shapers, plastic layers, and transplanters in the industry and developed farm equipment for small farm growers.

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