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what is the difference between farm machinery and farm implement

what is the difference between farm machinery and farm implement插图

Farmequipment is farmmachinerythat is drawn behind and driven by a tractor. Farm implementsare attachments that are drawn by working animals or installed on machines. Examples include plows, harrows, sprayers, rollers and brooms.

What is the difference between farm tools and farm equipment?

Farm Tools – is a simple type of equipment which is used manually by a framer. Farm Equipment – are machines that are pulled behind and operated from the tractor. Farm Implements – are accessories which are being pulled by working animals or mounted to machineries. Still have questions?

What is agricultural equipment?

Agricultural or Farm equipment is any type of machinery used on a farm to help with farming. Agricultural machinery is machinery used in agricultural farming or other agriculture . The best-known example of agricultural machinery is a tractor .

What are farm tractors used for?

A tractor is an important farm vehicle. Agricultural implements can be towed behind or mounted on the tractor and a tractor may provide a source of power if the implement is mechanized. A farm tractor is used for pushing agricultural machinery, for plowing, tilling, disking, harrowing, planting, and similar tasks.

What are implements and equipment?

Implements And Equipment. 1 TOOLS: What is meant is a simple type of equipment which is used manually by the farmer. The tools are all hand held and operated manually. 2 IMPLEMENTS: 3 MACHINERY:

What is agricultural mechanization?

Agricultural mechanization or farm mechanization means the use of agricultural equipment or farm equipment before, during and after agricultural or farming processes. The types of agricultural equipment or farm equipment used in agriculture or farming varies. These equipment used in agriculture or farms involves various stages of agriculture. Some of them are used before, during and after the agriculture or farm process. The ones used before the agricultural or farming processes are used in the farming or agricultural preparation stage like soil cultivation. The ones used during the farming or agricultural processes are used in the main agricultural or farming stage proper like the planting of crops, rearing of animals, application of agrochemicals ( agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides, etc) or even the harvesting of agricultural products. Then the ones used after the farming or agricultural processes are known to be used after those used during the main agricultural or farming stage. In other words, they are farming equipment or agricultural equipment used after the second stage of agricultural processes.Simply put, they are the agricultural equipment used after harvesting and can be termed agricultural post-harvest equipment or machinery.

What is the difference between farm tools and farm equipment?

The difference between farm tools and farm equipment is that most farm tools are smaller and so handy, less weighty and less bulky. They don’t require much technical know-how to handle compared to farm equipment. Farm tools are cheaper and easier to maintain. Typical examples of farm tools are matchet (cutlass), hoe, shovel, spade, etc. On the other hand, farm machinery are mainly bigger, bulky and so they are more weighty than most farm tools. The operation of farm machinery requires much technical know-how unlike farm tools. Agricultural equipment are more expensive and difficult to maintain. Farm equipment are mostly attached to tractors. Thus apart from tractor being a typical farm equipment other farm equipment are plough (plow), harrow, etc

Why is agriculture important?

The importance of agriculture can not be overemphasized. Apart from agriculture being the major source of meeting the basic needs of man ( food, shelter and clothes), agriculture is a reliable source of raw materials for various industries. Going by the history of agriculture one can understand that agriculture has developed over time due to various factors among which are the increased knowledge acquired from agricultural education which has helped to increase agricultural techniques involving the use of agricultural machinery or farm machinery in what is either termed agricultural mechanization or farm mechanization as the case may be since there are some differences between agriculture and farming. Agricultural equipment are used in the production of agricultural products irrespective of whether the agro products is from plants or animals.

What is Classify24.com?

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What is an example of agricultural equipment?

1. Agricultural equipment used as power: An example is tractor

What are the different types of sprayers?

Depending on the volume of spray per square area, the sprayers are generalized into three categories: 1 High Volume will spray more than 150 l/ha. Used for pesticides, fungicides, herbicides applications by khanpsack sprayer, motorized spray, tractor mounted sprayers. 2 Low Volume for 10-150 l/ha. Used for insecticides, fungicides applications by motorized knapsack sprayers, aircraft mounted sprayers. 3 Ultra Low Volume for 1-5 l/ha. Used for well controlled insecticides applications by high r.p.m. spinning disc in motorized knapsack sprayers. The limiting of insecticide solution reduces any contamination to water bodies and is economic in usage.

How are implements pulled?

The implements need to be pulled manually, by bullocks or by tractors and made accordingly. Now a days tractors are used extensively though there are places where by necessity oxens or manual method has to be used.

Why do sprayers spread?

Although sprayers are designed to apply the right doses of chemicals to the target area, the spray tends also to spread further than intended because of air currents. The spray on the plants also either deposits on the leaves or runs down thru the earth to water bodies and contaminates water therein though seepage, leeching and drainage.

What is a sprayer used for?

Sprayers are used to apply soluble or dry chemicals suitable for fighting pests, virus and infections in the plants. There are a number of sprayers distinguished by their design – manual, electric and petrol driven.

How are tractors classified?

Tractors can be generally classified by number of axles or wheels, with main categories of two-wheel tractors (single-axle tractors) and four-wheel tractors (two-axle tractors).

What is a tractor?

Wikipedia has the following description for tractors. tractor. A tractor is an engineering vehicle specifically designed to deliver at a high tractive effort at slow speeds, for the purposes of hauling a trailer or machinery used in agriculture or construction.

What is the use of cultivator?

Cultivator: This implements is used for removing weeds, preparing soil for planting. cultivator. The use of this implement allows soil to be aerated and also water can penetrate down to roots. Harrow: This implements is used after ploughing operations. It will smooth out the field surfaces.

What is the machinery used for soil cultivation?

Machinery used for soil cultivation. Cultivator: Cultivator equipment is a farm implement for stirring and pulverizing the soil before planting or to eliminate weeds and to aerate and loosen the soil after the crop has begun to grow.

Why do farmers use cultivators?

It can be used to get rid of weeds or to aerate or make the soil softer shortly after the crops have started to germinate. Cultivators are helpful in farming today. Hardened soils are prepared softer for easy penetration of nutrients and water. They help in the preparation of the soil for planting and in eliminating the weeds from the plant.

What is a cotton harvester?

Cotton harvester is a harvesting type of farming machinery but it is meant for the harvesting of cotton. They are usually available in two types, namely, pickers and strippers.

What is a tractor used for?

A farm tractor is used for pushing agricultural machinery, for plowing, tilling, disking, harrowing, planting, and similar tasks. There are two types;

How does a harrow work?

It is powered by a tractor and stirs the soil, generally to a greater depth than does the harrow (which is usually not powered). Many are equipped with hydraulic wings that fold up to make road travel simple and safer. Similar but very smaller machines are used for gardening.

What is a rotary tiller?

It is a motorized cultivator that works the soil by means of rotating blades. Rotary tillers are either self-propelled or drawn as an addition behind a tractor.

What is a cultipacker?

Cultipacker: A cultipacker is a piece of agricultural tool that crushes dirt clods, removes air pockets, and presses down small stones, forming a smooth, firm seedbed. The term cultipacker is exclusively applied to ridged rollers, while the terms field roller or land roller may refer to either a smooth or a ridged roller. Some farmers treat the terms as mutually exclusive, but others treat the ridged tools as a class of field rollers.