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is broiler farming profitable

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Very popular and profitable business
Commercial broiler poultry farming is avery popular and profitable business. Broilers are reared under confined sheds on the floor i.e.,on deep litter up to attaining the marketable age (35 to 42days). Broilers are straight-run birds it is reared by both sexes,particularly for meat purpose.

What is broiler poultry farming?

Broiler poultry farming is a lucrative business. Generally highly meat productive birds or poultry breeds are called broiler poultry. But broiler chicken is a special species of poultry, which is a great secret.

Is your broiler business profitable?

It’s important to remember that the overall profitability of your broiler business is influenced by every single chick (bird). Getting birds sold depends on them meeting a marketable standard, on time. Under-quality, birds are losses to your broiler business.

Is poultry farming profitable?

Why Poultry Farming is Profitable? Everything involved in poultry farming is very profitable, even poultry manure can make money for you. More people are choosing white meat over red meat, making demand for poultry products a business choice for many.

How often should you raise broilers to make money?

For broilers chicken, you can make a profit from it every six weeks which means that you can raise broilers for as much as 8 times every year and make money. If you’re a beginner that wants to make money easily and maybe ready to spill out some money every few weeks without being concerned about the duration, you can decide to start with broilers.

What breed of broiler has white feathers?

Most of the broilers that we see today have white feathers and yellowish skin. Modern commercial broilers (such as Cornish crosses and Cornish-Rocks) are artificially selected and bred for large-scale, efficient meat production.

What is broiler poultry?

Generally, the poultry birds which are raised for meat production is called ‘broiler’. So, broiler poultry farming means ‘raising meat chicken or other poultry birds for the purpose of meat production’. Broilers are just like other common poultry birds. Scientists have developed broiler specifically for producing meat in a short period of time.

Why are broilers raised?

That’s why broilers are raised mainly for meat production. The term ‘broiler’ is mostly used for a meat producing chicken. But actually, any chicken that is used, bred and raised specifically for meat production purpose. Today, most of the commercial broilers reach slaughter weight between 4 and 7 weeks of age.

Why is it important to take care of broiler birds?

Taking good care of the birds is very important for successful broiler poultry farming business. Good caring will keep the birds healthy, and you will be able to get maximum production.

What breed of chickens are available?

Visit any of your nearest poultry chick suppliers and ask them which breeds are available. Some popular meat chicken breeds are Cornish, Cornish Cross, Jersey Giant, Freedom Rangers, Orpington, Buckeye, Brown Leghorn, Dorking, Brahma etc.

Why is broiler poultry important?

Commercial broiler poultry production is a great way to ensure food security. If you raise broilers, then you and your family members can enjoy fresh meat, and fulfill your family’s nutrition demand.

Why are broilers susceptible to skeletal malformation?

Due to extensive breeding selection for rapid early growth and the husbandry used to sustain this , broilers are susceptible to several welfare concerns, particularly skeletal malformation and dysfunction, skin and eye lesions and congestive heart conditions.

Why is broiler chicken important?

Broiler chickens are generally raised for meat and they efficiently convert feed into meat within a short time. Feeding the chicken with quality ingredients is highly important for a successful farm. Both animal and vegetable protein in the feed of broiler chicken can help add extra nutrients.

How much broiler chicken is produced in India?

India is considered the fifth largest producer of broiler meat in the world and is estimated to produce around 3 million metric tonnes annually . The government has made facilities available for the maintenance of high-quality farms owing to the increase in the growth of the industry.

What kind of housing do you use for a broiler chicken?

In general broiler chicken can be housed in deep litter, slatted, or wire floor housing systems, but the deep litter system is the most popular way of housing because the other systems cause problems like leg weakness, breast blisters, and high investment.

What is a broiler chicken?

Initially, broilers were considered to be young male chicken selected from the entire farm flock, but the modern commercial meat breeds have changed this definition. Now, commercial broilers are selected as the hybrid Cornish chicken, etc., and are bred for large-scale efficient meat production.

Why is it important to disinfect broiler chickens?

Vaccinating the breeds is an important step in the health care management of broiler chicken because it helps prevent the diseases from occurring. The breeder chicken can transmit pathogens to the eggs so they are vaccinated against all the above-mentioned diseases.

How fast do broilers grow?

The minimum weight of the broiler at the time of slaughter is expected to be 2 kg and this should be achieved within 45 to 52 days according to the commercial breeding practices.

Why are my broilers’ feathers yellow?

The broilers typically have white feathers with yellow skin and the reason for this yellow skin color is due to the hybridization of domestic birds with grey jungle fowl genes. In broilers, both the male and female birds are reared for their meat. The behavior of the broiler changes according to the environment.

What is parent stock in broiler farming?

Parent stock is where the journey of broiler farming begins. They give rise to a generation of chicks which are after the likeness of the original stock. The eggs are then collected and prepared for hatching by some specialised intermediate operations.

Why is it important to accept a new batch of broilers?

The very first steps in accepting a new batch of broilers are influential for the success of the cycle. Chicks are highly sensitive, such is the nature of the young of any animal. In between hatching and your broiler farm, each batch changes hands a number of times and become exposed to sudden environmental changes.

Why can’t farmers take their eye off the prize?

Because of the rapid rate of growth during a broiler rearing cycle, farmers cannot afford to take their eye off the prize.

What is broiler chicken?

Broiler chickens ( Latin: Gallus gallus domesticus – translated to mean a ‘house rooster’) are farm-reared chicken kept for meat. As a product, broilers are processed, marketed and sold the moment they reach an optimal size and weight.

How many tons of chicken will be in a broiler farm by 2023?

Your broiler farm is part of a much bigger chain of events that that is estimated to feed billions worldwide with over 105.26 million metric tons of chicken meat by 2023 ( Globe News Wire ). ( Arbor Acres) The grey box in the figure above, highlights where your broiler farm comes into play.

What influences the cost profile of your broiler farm?

Influencing the cost profile of your broiler farm will therefore largely be down to your feed efficiency.

What inputs are needed for broiler farms?

The key input for your broiler farm will be your batches of day-old chicks.


So you want to start a chicken farm but are confused about which you should venture into amidst several types, but you have decided to choose between just two, Broilers or Layers? Which should it be?

Broilers Vs Layers Chicken Farming: Factors To Consider

When you decide to start a chicken farming business, there are factors that you need to consider before sealing your decisions about either raising broilers or layer birds. These factors include but are not limited to:


When making a decision, I always advise that you do your research because raising chicken and investing in this type of business goes beyond the four points mentioned above.

Why Poultry Farming is Profitable?

Everything involved in poultry farming is very profitable, even poultry manure can make money for you.

How To Run Profitable Poultry Farm?

Eggs are eaten in large quantities and are used in vaccines and cosmetics, while feathers can be used to make pillows and ornaments. Poultry farming is mainly used to produce eggs or meat.

What is Sunwit pellet mill?

Sunwit Industry has been in the feed pellet mill industry for over 15 years and we have exported our poultry feed pellet mills and feed lines to many countries around the world. These machines are widely used in small and medium sized farms and feed mills.

Why is there a market for poultry products?

There is a market for these products because everyone, young and old, rich and poor, eats poultry products.

What is construction in poultry?

Construction – we mean build cages for poultry to live in. In addition, you should consider other buildings, such as a warehouse for all equipment and a farmhouse for workers.

How to reduce feed costs?

If you want to reduce your feed costs, try producing your own poultry feeds. This may not seem necessary at first, but producing your own feedswill save you more money in the long run. Labor Costs – if your farm is commercial, you may find it difficult to do all the work on your own.

Why is feeding important for poultry?

Feeding – this is probably the most important expense, as the quantity and quality of feed will later affect their health and productivity. The diet of poultry varies with the life stage of the birds. Remember to provide them with high-quality feeds because it is unwise to save too much here.