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how to start a buffalo farm

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What do you need to start a buffalo farm?

Start Construction: For a 30 buffalo farm, you need a shed (75 feet x 30 feet), 1 small calve shed, 2 worker rooms (12 feet x 10 feet), 1 dhana/feed room (12 feet x 10 feet), and a room for yourself (12 feet x 10 feet) . Cultivate Green Fodder: For 30 buffaloes, you need to cultivate grass in 4 acres of green grass.

Should you start a bison farm?

Instead of raising beef or pork, like so many other farmers do today, you could put an interesting twist on this business opportunity by starting a bison farm. Bison are highly prized because of the quality of the meat they produced. It has a higher protein content with lower cholesterol levels. By farming is still in its infancy as an industry.

What is buffalo farming?

Buffalo farming is not a new concept in the new world. Wild water buffaloes were domesticated in the Indian subcontinent about 5000 years ago, and about 4000 years ago in China. There are two types of water buffaloes which are raised by the farmers. These two types are recognized based on morphological and behavioral criteria.

How to start a cattle farming business?

All you need to do is to purchase the first set of calf, feed, farming tools and then build your fence. Despite the fact that cattle farming business has been in existence since time immemorial, that does not in any way make the industry to be over saturated.

Why are buffaloes important?

The river buffaloes which are present today are the result of complex domestication processes involving more than one maternal lineage and a significant maternal gene flow from wild populations after the initial domestication events. Buffalo farming is very important for some people in the Indian subcontinent, especially India.

What are some good breeds of buffalo?

Some well known and popular buffalo breeds are Murrah, Surti, Jafarabadi, Anatolian, Nili-Ravi, Egyptian, Mediterranean, Pandharpuri, Nagpuri, Bhadawari and Romanian buffalo.

How many buffaloes are there in the world?

Buffalo farming is very important for some people in the Indian subcontinent, especially India. There are currently at least 130 million domestic buffaloes exist throughout the world, and more than 95.8 percent of this population are found in Asia.

What is the living tractor of the East?

The buffaloes are often referred to as ‘ the living tractor of the East ‘. It probably is possible to plough deeper with buffalo than with either oxen or horses. They are the most efficient and economical means of cultivation of small fields.

What do buffaloes eat?

They eat reeds, Arundo donax, a kind of Cyperaceae, Eichhornia crassipes, and Juncaceae. Some of these plants are of great value to local peoples. Adequate green fodders are mandatory for raising buffaloes. And green fodders are widely used for intensive milk production and also for fattening purpose.

How many types of water buffalo are there?

There are two types of water buffaloes which are raised by the farmers. These two types are recognized based on morphological and behavioral criteria.

Why is buffalo meat less preferred in Asian regions?

Buffalo meat is also a major source of export revenue for India. The meat is less preferred in many Asian regions due to the toughness.

How to get high milk during lactation?

In order to obtain high milk during the lactation period, the milking animal must be properly fed and the necessary care and manage mental practices should be followed .

What do buffalo eat?

The main diet for the buffalo is roughage such as grass, legumes, and straw. The roughage can be fed either fresh as pasture or in a cut-and-carry-system or conserved as hay or silage.

How many days postpartum is a buffalo pregnant?

This period is of mid to late lactation i.e. 140 to 305 days postpartum. During this phase, milk production is declining and the buffalo is pregnant.

What are the two main categories of buffalo?

The buffalos have two main categories and these are the Water Buffalo and the Cape buffalo.

Why are there so few data on bison?

Many diseases are known to occur in bison but very less data is available not because bison have more resistance to disease than other species but because of the minimal amount of research.

What are the reasons for starting a commercial buffalo farm?

Starting a Commercial Buffalo Farm. Increased urbanization, an increase in the population, and a changing food pattern have increased the demand and consumption of milk and meat in urban areas.

How does brucellosis affect livestock?

Brucellosis has a huge economic impact on livestock species, especially in developing countries due to reproductive problems, low milk production and restrictions on animal movements and trade.

What demographics should a bison ranch include?

It should include all the players in the leather processing industry, milk and dairy product processing industry and of course consumers of Bison meat.

What is bison farming?

Bison farming business is part of the livestock farming industry in the United States of America and Bison are found in publicly and privately held herds. Bison are increasingly raised for meat, hide, wool, and dairy products. The majority of American bison in the world are raised for human consumption or fur clothing.

Why rent a cattle ranch?

It cannot be overemphasized that the location you chose to construct your cattle ranch is key to the success of the business, hence entrepreneurs are willing to rent or lease a facility in a visible location; a location that has minimal predators and right climatic condition for the animals you intend raising. If you make the mistake of renting or leasing a farm land for your Bison ranch in a location that is prone to predator attack simply because it is cheap, then you must be prepared to spend more in protecting your herd.

What is the economic analysis of a bison ranch?

When starting a Bison ranch, you just have to get your costing cum economic analysis right if your intention of building the business is to generate profits, grow the business and start exporting fur, leather and milk within your country and other countries of the world.

How to stay competitive in the fur industry?

In other to stay competitive in this industry, you must ensure that your fur, hides, milk and meat are distributed and always available in outlets within your target market locations. The truth is that if there are fluctuations in the supply of your fur, hides, milk and meat, customers can choose to shift allegiance and settle for other options available.

How many bison were processed in 2005?

Available statistics show that in 2005, about 35,000 bison were processed for meat in the U.S., with the National Bison Association and USDA providing a “Certified American Buffalo” program with birth-to-consumer tracking of bison via RFID ear tags.

Where are bison milk and fur stored?

Once the milk is collected, they are stored in a neat container or directly supplied to a customer as requested. In the case of fur, hide, and meat, matured Bison are slaughtered in order to obtain hides, fur and meat. The fur and hide are sold to leather and fiber processing companies.

What is dairy farming?

Dairy farming is an essential source of subsidiary income to small/marginal farmers and agricultural labourers. In addition to milk, manure from animals presents a good source of organic matter for increasing soil fertility and crop yields. The Gobar Gas from the waste is used as fuel for domestic objects and running engines for drawing water from the well. The surplus fodder and farming byproducts are gainfully used for feeding the animals. Bullocks supply almost all draught power for buffalo farm operations and transportation. Since agriculture is mostly periodic, there is a possibility of getting employment throughout the year for many persons through buffalo dairy farming. Thus, the dairy is also employed throughout the year. The primary beneficiaries of dairy businesses are small/marginal farmers and landless workers.

What is the best food for buffalo?

Ans. Fodder is the best food for buffalo.

What is the outlay of a scheme?

Outlay: The outlay of the scheme depends on the local circumstances, unit size and the elements included in the project. Prevailing market prices may be estimated to arrive at the outlay.

What should a dairy farm project report include?

The project report for a dairy farm should detail the following information on technical, financial, and managerial aspects based on the type of unit and capacity.

What are the finance items for dairy projects?

For dairy projects with large outlays, detailed project reports will have to be made. The finance items would include capital asset items such as purchasing milch animals, construction of sheds, Equipment, etc. The feeding cost during the initial one/two months is capitalised and given as a term loan. Cost towards land improvement, digging, fencing of well, commissioning of diesel engine/pump set, essential servants’ quarters, godown, electricity connections, transport vehicle, milk processing facilities etc., can be considered for a loan.

What is the largest livestock population in the world?

India is thriving, endowed with the largest livestock population in the world. It accounts for about 57.3% of the world’s buffalo population and 14.7% of the cattle population. Thus, there is an enormous scope/potential for increasing milk production by profitable Murrah buffalo farming. We will tell you all the buffalo farming tips in this buffalo farming project report. It can help you to start a buffalo farm.

How long does it take to repay a loan?

The loan will be repaid in convenient monthly/quarterly instalments, usually within a period of five to seven years.

How to start a bison farm?

The easiest way to get started is to invest in some bison calves. Calves are easier to manage and full grown adults and they have better temperaments as well. This will help get new farmers acclimated to the business environment of growing bison and help the animals get familiar with you as they begin to grow up. Adult bison can be temperamental and that can be hard to handle if you’ve never experienced an angry bison before.

How much does a bison calf cost?

The average bison calf that is specifically intended for meat will sell for around $1800 per head . You will also want to consider heifer calves so that you can expand your herd naturally over time. These calves typically sell for about $2400 per head.

Why are bison so popular?

Bison are highly prized because of the quality of the meat they produced. It has a higher protein content with lower cholesterol levels. By farming is still in its infancy as an industry. That means today is the perfect time to get in on this ground-floor opportunity.

Why are bison so unique?

Bison are unique because they are an extremely social animal. If they are alone, then they are going to feel insecure. And insecure bison is not going to provide you with a high quality of meat when it is time to take the animal to sale.

How to market bison meat?

Marketing your bison meat can be a tricky proposition. One of the best places to get started would be through a farm marketing cooperative that is in your local area. Working together with other farmers, you can all get your products placed on store shelves in front of customers who want to purchase them. You might also consider creating farm shares where people can invest now in bison meat and then you deliver that meat at the end of the season.

How much land do you need to farm bison?

The amount of land that you have for your farm is going to dictate how many bison you can have. About 5 acres of land can support one or two fully grown bison.

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What is bison meat?

Bison are truly grazing machines, transforming grass into quality, nutritious meat with a unique flavor. Bison tend not to build fat stores in the same way that cattle do, so bison meat contains little marbling. The result is a very lean meat.

How much land do bison need?

While the exact acreage needed will depend on the quality of your land, you may need to figure on several acres per head, so a herd of twenty bison could easily demand sixty acres of grazing land or more.

How tall should a bison fence be?

The National Bison Association recommends that bison fencing be at least six feet tall, as bison are athletic jumpers. You’ll also likely need a system of bison-safe corrals and chutes in order to work with them when you do need to perform veterinary care or other routine handling needs.

How long have bison been raised?

Scott Benjamin has raised bison for 42 years, so he knows a thing or two from actual experience.

How are cattle controlled?

For instance, compare the way horses are generally controlled by handlers. Cattle are often controlled and maneuvered from a distance, directed and guided by corrals and by humans.

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How big is a horned lion?

With large males weighing in excess of 2000 pounds (though market weight is more in the range of 1200 pounds), and standing over six feet tall, it’s a truly massive animal, with both males and females sporting horns.

How many calves do calfs have?

The females are pregnant throughout the fall and winter and deliver their calves in early to mid-spring. They typically have only one calf at a time and the newborn calf will weigh in at about fifty pounds. In the first hour of life, the calf will stand and start walking, joining the herd.

How long do buffalo live?

Female buffalo will reach sexual maturity by age three and males, by age six. In the wild, buffalo live to about twenty years old , but they typically live longer in captivity.

How do buffalo live in captivity?

Buffalo in Captivity. Buffalo live and travel in herds that are divided by gender. Females and young calves form one herd, while males form another herd. Buffalo will find fulfillment as long as they are able to maintain their natural social order.

What animals need lots of room to graze?

Buffalo. Buffalo are very large animals that need lots of room for grazing. They are herd animals so they should be kept with several other buffalo. They do best in very large, pasture-like enclosures that encompass several acres or more.

Where are bison found?

The North American bison, commonly known as the buffalo, is a large, grazing herbivore that once roamed the grasslands of North America. They have returned from the brink of extinction and are now a common sight in many of the country’s national parks, most notably Yellowstone National Park.

Do buffalo eat grass?

Buffalo are ruminant grazers. They spend a good deal of their time walking and eating prairie grasses, or rest ing while chewing their cud. Lichen and mosses also provide additional nutrients. Buffalo are able to extract more nutrients from the low-protein, high-fiber prairie plants than cattle can.