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is creekstone farms beef halal

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However, Nebraska-based Creekstone FarmsCreekstone Farms Premium BeefCreekstone Farms Premium Beef, LLC is a beef processing company located in Arkansas City, Kansas.en.wikipedia.org, Earls’ new beef supplier, told the Muslim Eater that: “[A]ll Creekstone Farms cattle are processed in a manner that meets the religious qualifications of Halal. However, we only certify it as Halal if it is requested by the customer.”

Why Creekstone Farms Premium Beef?

The Creekstone Farms Premium beef program is unique to the beef industry because it combines superior Black Angus genetics, exceptional cattle management practices, carefully controlled high-quality feeding and state-of-the-art processing of only genetically verified Black Angus cattle.

Is Creekstone Farms halal in Nebraska?

Creekstone Farms has indicated that its halal certification is provided by a Nebraska-based agency called Halal Transactions of Omaha (HTO). Below, the top image comes from Creekstone Farms’ homepage (2014) and the bottom image from its Twitter account (2015).

What is Creekstone Farms known for?

We are committed to producing consistently superior beef and pork that provide bold taste experiences that you simply won’t find anywhere else — that consistent experience is why restaurants, butcher shops and their customers are all drawn back to continue their culinary adventures with Creekstone Farms. What sets Creekstone Farms apart?

What does HTO do?

HTO determines all of its Halal criteria under the guidance of its scholarly body. This Shari‘ah Advisory board consults, advises and oversees the methods HTO requires in order for a plant to be certified as Halal. These scholars also may visit HTO’s slaughterhouses to ensure the procedures taking place meet the criteria for Halal slaughter as required in Shari‘ah, Islamic law. To ensure objectivity, these scholars do not have any business interests in Halal certification. The scholars that comprise the Shari‘ah Advisors of HTO are:

Why is HTO important?

There is also a high demand for Halal meat for millions of Muslims in America and abroad. HTO certifies Halal slaughter methods at plants that utilize these modern technological setups. HTO also works with them to hire and train Muslim slaughtermen in order to meet the strict requirements of Shari‘ah, the Fatwas HTO uses and the requirements of its Scholarly Advisors. Meeting Halal criteria is a priority for HTO, in addition to quality of meat.

What is HTO certified?

Based on these sources, all slaughterhouses that are HTO-certified must meet certain requirements in order to be certified as Halal:

Why should Muslims work together?

Muslims should work together to promote and protect Halal as a standard in the meat production industry, and harness technology in a way that benefits all Muslims. The Halal industry is large with room for all interested and sincere parties to work together in providing Halal options for Muslim consumers. It is imperative to consult with one another in a respectful manner in the instance that one may have questions or concerns. As Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said:

Where is Creekstone Farms located?

Creekstone Farms is based out of Arkansas City, Kansas, and is known for producing some of the best quality beef in America. The news, released by the website Muslim Eater, went viral in the Muslim community. The idea that such high-quality beef was available as Halal resonated positively with thousands of Muslims in the U.S. and abroad.

What is the meaning of "immolation"?

Immolation (‘Aqr): it consists in wounding an animal when there is no other choice, at any part of the body. This method is applied for wild animals hunting of which is lawful (Halal), or ferocious domestic. Notes: A portion of the actual translation of the Fatwa can be found at the end of this article (APPENDIX II).

Does HTO only use vertical cut?

The third claim made by the blogger that HTO applies only the vertical cut in all slaughterhouses that HTO supervises is also not true. HTO does certify two types of Halal slaughter methods based on approval from its Scholarly Advisors, and as evidenced in a famous Fatwa on Halal slaughter issued by the Council of the Islamic Fiqh Academy, signed on by representatives of all attending delegates of over 40 Muslim countries in their meeting in Jeddah in 1997 in which they approved three methods of slaughter:

What was the reaction to Earls decision?

The reaction to Earls’ decision was swift and angry. Even Saskatchewan Premier, Brad Wall, whose province “ has a 1/3 of Canada’s beef herd ,” twitted that “ @earlsrestaurant didn’t even consult with Canadian cattle producers before opting for US beef .” A Boycott Earls campaign has started in Western Canada.

Is ISNA Canada a halal organization?

ISNA-Canada operates its own halal certification agency / Archive.Today. In 2013, an ISNA-Canada substructure had its charitable status revoked by the Canada Revenue Agency for its links with a terrorist entity. According to the Canadian government agency, the ISNA substructure had provided tax receipts to a non-charitable entity collecting money for a Jamaat-e-Islami-linked terrorist organization in India.

Is Creekstone Farms meat halal?

On April 29, 2016, in the midst of the Earls controversy, Creekstone Farms issued a press release stressing that they “do not cut the animal’s throat prior to stunning.” According to Creekstone Farms, its meat is halal because the cattle “are blessed using the ritual Islamic prayers required during the slaughter process.”

How much does it cost to inspect a farm?

There is a fee for farm inspections of $600 per visit, there is a fee to have a supervisor at the processing and slaughter facility every time farmers take their livestock to slaughter of $700 per day. And then there is a per-head fee based on the size of the farm and the type of animal. It’s a gimmick.

Is Earls beef halal?

Earls claims that its beef is not ‘halal harvested’ but its supplier Creekstone Farms says that all its beef is ‘halal processed’. Earls Restaurants, its beef supplier Creekstone Farms and Creekstone’s halal certification agency, Halal Transactions of Omaha. Click on the images to view the original messages.

Is it possible to have a single set of Halal standards?

It may be impractical to have a single set of Halal standards that all Muslim authorities around the world can agree on. Because of the disagreements around what’s right or wrong, those in the Halal industry have begun forming associations amongst themselves.

Is Earls a boycott?

A Boycott Earls campaign has started in Western Canada. Earls justifies its move by claiming that it wants to serve 100% Certified Humane Beef. According to Sheila Gunn Reid from The Rebel.media, the certification, provided by Humane Farm Animal Care in Herndon, Virginia, is a gimmick:

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