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Tag: What is Farm Aid and why is it important

where will farm aid 2018 be held

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Following the highly successful 2017 edition of the event,today,Farm Aid has revealed its initial lineup and venue for 2018. This year,the 33rd-annual edition of Farm Aid will be held atHartford,Connecticut’s Xfinity Theatreon September 22nd.

Where is Willie Nelson performing at Farm Aid 33?

The Willie Nelson camp has released the particulars for the 33rd Annual Farm Aid benefit concert, this year taking place September 22nd in Connecticut at the Xfinity Arena in Hartford.

What is Farm Aid and why is it important?

Founded in 1985 to benefit America’s farmers by Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp, and Neil Young, Farm Aid is going strong 37 years later, and boasts performances by the original trio as well as some of their best friends and biggest admirers. And we want to help you score the best tickets for this hotly anticipated show!

Will there be a farm aid 2022?

The concert with a purpose is returning late this summer, and while we don’t know much about Farm Aid 2022 just yet, we’ll update this site to reflect the latest info available!