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what is farm software

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An agricultural software is acomprehensive solution for farm management and tracking all crop planning. With it,farmers can manage their workflows anytime and anywhere and access real-time data,which help them tasks such as: livestock management,pest control,record-keeping,finding optimal harvesting time,risk management,and loss prevention.

What is farm management software and who uses it?

Farm management software can also be used by grain elevators, cooperatives, ethanol production plans, feed stores, petroleum outlets, and any other business with a tie to agriculture. Farm management software can help both small and large farm operations measure their profitability in real-time at the enterprise, crop, and field-level.

What is livestock management software and how does it work?

Livestock management software, ranch management software, horse farm management software, etc. These solutions will log animal records, track genealogy, report on reproduction rates, track commodity production, manage vaccinations, track their grazing schedule, and record animal weight and health to know when they are ready to be brought to market.

Should agricultural producers use QuickBooks as their farm management software?

However, agricultural producers who seek an inexpensive way of handling their management tasks should seek elsewhere. QuickBooks will not be able to handle the management tasks and production monitoring that is included with any farm management software.

How do you manage a farm management system?

This is done by issuing work orders for the farming tasks, preventive maintenance measures for the management of assets, and real-time reporting for all workers and tasks, which helps keep track of schedules and makes the system more efficient. Why is farm management important? How do you keep track of farm expenses?


Integrated breeding, livestock record keeping, tracking, grazing, management, sales and reporting software to run a thriving cattle, goat, pig, sheep, poultry (or more) business.


Simplify your crop planning, yield & income projections and easily visualize your season. Collaborate with your team to track and report on inputs, activities and harvests and simplify ROI and compliance reporting.


Organize and assign tasks from anywhere (even offline) so your crew can see what they need to do, task priorities and when work is due. Make it easy to focus on what’s important and track what needs to get done.


Integrated accounting features purpose built for farms. Simplify financial reporting, cashflow analysis and make tax time a breeze.


Track your farm equipment service and maintenance records in one place. Always know what’s in your warehouses, coolers or silos and be alerted to low or expiring inventory. Easily track and map grow locations, animal enclosures, water-ways and critical boundaries.


Complete seed-to-sale software with included no-hassle eCommerce platform to market & sell farm products directly online. Seamless integration with your crop plan and inventory simplifies orders, tracks sales and customer communications.


Over 40 pre-built user-friendly reports, integrated dashboards and custom reports provide instant insight into your operation and streamline organic certifications and compliance reporting.

What Type of Farm Management Software Do You Need?

Given the sheer amount of farms that exist, it can be hard to find a software that is unique to whatever type of crop, livestock, or feed/grain your farm produces. Luckily, software developers have been creating farm management software that will work for a multitude of farm industries to ensure your needs can be met. However, these different types of farms will want to look for certain featuresets to be included in their farm management software.

Is QuickBooks a Farm Management Software?

QuickBooks is one of the most popular accounting software solutions to date, and can be used to manage the accounting processes involved with running your farm (see: Is QuickBooks A Farm Accounting Software?)

What is granular software?

Granular is an integrated farm management software that acts as a crop software and farm accounting software. Granular helps farms maximize yield with data-driven crop models, improves teamwork efficiency, measure profit down to the field-level, and…

How much does software cost?

This upfront cost includes licensing, implementation, and any needed training. For example, software such as FarmLogic can be had for a one-time cost of $1,499.

How do farmhands access their data?

Farmhands can also access their data in the field via mobile apps. Using an Android or iOS smartphone device , they can log into a corresponding mobile app to report on crop production in the field and confirm the weather forecast.

What is Transaction Plus?

TransAction Plus is a flexible, expandable accounting platform specifically designed for agricultural producers. This solution can be used by sole proprietors or complex crop and livestock enterprises. The financial core module links with A/P, A/R…

What is a FLS?

Feedlot Solutions (FLS) is a combination of programs that help manage your feeding operation for livestock. ViewTrak provides three main programs within Feedlot Solutions, such as Feed Bunk Solutions (FBS) and Cattle Medical System (CMS). These can be…


Agrivi makes planning, tracking, monitoring and analysis of farm activities easy. Tillage, planting, watering. spraying, fertilization, irrigation, harvesting, and other procedures can be managed with it in a few clicks independently of the farm size, its specifics, and type of production.


EasyKeeper is a cloud-based herd management solution. Created by a passionate goat keeper, the software allows to always stay connected and manage herd’s records from any device. It can be done anytime and anywhere if there is an internet connection. EasyKeeper keeps your herds’ data in one place.


Granular is a unique product, a suite of integrated digital tools and services. In fact, it is an amalgamation of the farmers’ experience, agronomists knowledge, data from scientists and innovative business and technical insights of the entrepreneurs and engineers from Silicon Valley.


A farm management software solution, which was created by farmers, unites various data streams in one platform. Being cloud-based, it perfectly facilitates enhancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness of agrarian business.


FarmLogic is a farm record-keeping software based on the web which allows keeping track of farm and service records, GPS mapping of the fields, soil sampling, and scouting. It is aimed to facilitate agrarians’ up-to-date decisions putting the whole farm in the pocket. Simple and effective tools are at the same time intuitive and easy to use.


As you can see, the farm management solutions are is quite variable. So are the prices for using it, some of them may start from 10 USD per user, per month, some should be purchased one time and installed locally. However, you can always define the tasks and features you need and order a custom solution for your business.

What is CMMS software?

With our CMMS software, you can track maintenance tasks in relation to different equipments and their parts easily. Each piece of equipment can be traced and stored using make, model, description etc. It also allows you the flexibility to automate maintenance tasks.

How does CMMS work in agriculture?

Our agriculture CMMS does not only help farmers with maintenance of your assets and equipment but also works as a business tool. By using smart analysis tool you can cut expenses and strategize your maintenance work. Automate maintenance tasks and prevent breaks down and increase uptime. Enable consistency by streamlining your maintenance processes and adopting best practices.

How to promote agile maintenance processes?

Promote agile maintenance processes by enabling your teams to digitally manage tasks, calculate time, use preventive maintenance notifications and asset scanning.

Why use preventive maintenance software?

Utilize our preventive maintenance software to enable rule-based alerts and notifications in order to identify and fix issues before they even arise.

Why use an agriculture app?

Using an agriculture app or a dedicated farm management software makes tracking and reporting easier and diminishes the chance of human error by digitizing the whole system and introducing real-time reporting. It also increases the life of assets and therefore reduces costs with preventive maintenance of the assets. Farm management gives you a snapshot of the current situation of the farm and lets you analyze trends and forecast future ROI resulting from better decision making.

How does computer aided farm records help farmers?

Computer-aided farm records benefit farmers in a lot of ways. They help you save time and other resources by automating and digitizing most data entry tasks which would otherwise take time. It enables real-time tracking and reporting and easy access to the information from any device. It helps farm owners get real-time compliance alerts when SOPs are not followed or when critical tasks are missed. It also enables farmers to make smarter decisions based on evaluating trends and forecasts.

What is CMMS in hatcheries?

Our CMMS solution allows hatcheries to utilize assets at optimal specs. It enables them to perform maintenance and cost analyses while facilitating real-time changes to be made to scheduled tasks.

What software is used for agriculture?

There is a wide array of software and apps available to farmers on the market. However, a growing number of farmers are turning to cloud-based solutions as they offer enough storage, speed, and computing power for processing the data and packaging it in a way that farmers can use. However, utilizing the cloud for the agricultural sector is not without challenges. A large company’s cloud solutions are typically expensive, and small-scale farmers have difficulty affording them. Aside from that, many cloud solutions are designed for large farms equipped with fast internet connections. And as we all know, most rural farms have slow connections or have no connectivity at all. This means they cannot take full advantage of the possibilities this solution offers. Farmers also worry about their privacy and security, namely that someone who somehow gains access to their information could discover their farming strategies. But, of course, their fear is not supported by any evidence that such a thing could happen. Nevertheless, cloud computing has a bright future in farming – it can be used to combine software with other types of data and improve such variables as quality, profitability, and sustainability.

What does farm management software do?

A modern software farm tool is grouped according to the scope of tasks it fulfills. To even classify the tool as agriculture software development, it needs to perform the following functions:

Do farmers use management software?>Do farmers use management software?

Long story short: big data analytics is changing the way farmers do their jobs . In the thousands of years since agriculture began, there has not been a transformation like one brought by big data analytics. It is a revolution that is sweeping the agricultural sector at an unprecedented rate since we can apply it to a wide range of aspects, from crop rotation to animal welfare. Farmers introduced precision engineering and new information technologies alongside agricultural practices with GPS technology. After that, they embedded sensor networks in farm fields to collect environmental and soil data on crops such as moisture levels, temperature variations, and nutrient content, all crucial to determining irrigation requirements, fertilizer levels, or seeding rates. Next came big data analytics.

What makes agriculture software so important?

Crop management software impacts all aspects of agriculture. It spans the entire spectrum of farm yield optimization, food safety management, supply chain visibility, and global trade policy analysis; to animal welfare policy. It has all been accomplished using machine learning algorithms to identify at-risk animals early enough to monitor their health, based on predictive models mapping out potential sources of infection on cattle farms in Europe. The use of agricultural software by farmers is aimed at increasing yield . Big data is a term used to describe large datasets that are gathered from different sources, including satellites, sensors on tractors, and livestock tags. These datasets provide a great deal of information about agricultural production without requiring extensive manual labor. All of this is taken into account, from soil conditions to weather patterns to fertilizer levels. Sometimes, these big data sets may also contain precise geographic coordinates associated with each piece of information captured by the sensor networks, which allows for detailed analysis at this level as well.

What are examples of agricultural technology?

Farmers can choose from a variety of technology available on the market. All agriculture software solutions come down to the same thing – improving the performance of farms through enhanced productivity. Before making a decision, farmers should weigh all pros and cons of different options. Many factors influence the final decision, such as budget or the farmer’s priorities, or just the farm’s day-to-day operations. Let’s take a closer look at each of these.

What are the 4 ways of using big data analytics in agriculture?

Managers and farmers are learning about their fields more fully thanks to big data. Analyzing, collecting, storing, and visualizing data all contribute to the process. Agriculture software, using efficiently, can lead to more yield from crops and better livestock management.

What are the benefits of agricultural software?

They no longer have to rely just on their intuition, and they can back up their knowledge with data that helps them make effective decisions. Using technology and agricultural software has streamlined farmers’ work and provided many other advantages. What one?

What is Farmerp agribusiness?

FarmERP aims to change the equation of the farming industry with unpredictable weather from being a hindrance to being an ally. With futuristic technologies, FarmERP prepares agribusinesses to be climate resilient, and escape the downside of climate change.

What is FarmERP dashboard?

FarmERP provides customised reports and dashboards to power your agribusiness decisions with data-based insights. Ensure smart yield predictions and bring maintenance costs down to a minimum with our analytics offerings.

What is Farmerp for farmers?

FarmERP assists contract farming companies and outgrower management firms in maintaining seamless partnerships with farmers. Get access to production planning expertise as well as AI tools and insightful dashboards to make your contract farming business profitable.

What is FarmERP for livestock?

Livestock or animal farming companies can hugely benefit from the livestock management offerings of FarmERP. We can assist in monitoring the location of livestock and in keeping track of their well-being. Similarly, we can also help in accurately recording animal sales, mortality events, etc.

What is FarmERP software?

FarmERP is a powerful and easy-to-use farm management software platform that assists agricultural stakeholders across the entire value chain. Our extensive suite of planning, management, accounting, inventory, sales, and many more solutions can help you in running a thriving agribusiness.

Can you integrate smart devices with farm management software?

Seamless integration with smart devices and legacy systems is now possible with our farm management software. Integrate sensors, drones, agribots, as well as software like SAP, Oracle, Netsis, etc with your agribusiness effortlessly.

Can FarmERP be integrated with legacy software?

FarmERP can be seamlessly integrated with Legacy Software Systems and Smart IoT Devices.