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What does the farming page on Instagram do?

This Instagram account reposts photos and videos from submissions. All of the content on The Farming Page features powerful commercial farming equipment, like tractors and harvesters. Occasionally, the page posts farming fails like overturned or on-fire machinery. 13.

Who is the farmer on Epic gardening on Instagram?

Curtis owns and operates a small urban farm in Canada. He also frequently travels to offer farming consultant services and interview other urban farmers for his successful YouTube Channel. He uses his Instagram to give his followers motivational advice about farming and share progress updates from the farm. 9. Epic Gardening, @epicgardening

When is the best time of year to follow farm Instagram?

Spring is my favorite season for farm Instagram —it’s when all the animals start to have babies. And it’s not just the sheep, cows, and horses you’d expect. It’s also the barn cats, sheepdogs, chickens, and ducks!

What is farming photography?

This account is the official page of Farming Photography, a UK agricultural photography and video production company that travels around the world to capture farming processes. The subjects of this account are mostly heavy-duty farming equipment for tilling, harvesting, and transport.

Instagram is a growing social media platform that now offers the option of direct sales. Here’s how to establish a following and lead customers to you

The social media platform Instagram holds an enormous amount of potential for small scale farmers to promote their farms. It now even allows direct sales from the platform (with a little work). Getting a lot of followers is a great initial step, but it takes some additional work to convert that to sales.

Primer: What is Instagram?

Instagram is an image-driven platform where users can post photos with captions. You can “like” the photos of other users and also “follow” those users. You can post video snippets called “stories” that can be as long as 60 seconds that are generally less curated than posts.

1. Build Your Following

Consider a few important factors when it comes to building up a a good Instagram following, which in turn can help you sell your products. First, although the quality of your photos needn’t be professional, they must be clear and not blurry. Follow a few other successful farmers on Instagram and see what they post.

2. Emphasize Your Location: Local

Seeing that most farmers want to sell locally, and customers want to buy locally, establish yourself as a proud local business. Use hashtags—the “number” sign—with a word connected such as #farma. Examples are #urbanfarm, #chicago and #growyourown. Place these at the bottom of your post.

3. Use the Stories Feature

Instagram “stories,” which appear as the little bubbles at the top of the app, are a very casual affair yet they generally get a lot of engagement. A good story needn’t be high quality, it just has to be genuine. Take a snapshot of what you’re doing—moving the animals, setting up for market—and share it.

5. Promote Your Posts

When you’re ready to sell something—a CSA for instance—Instagram offers you the option to promote your post so it will reach your entire following and beyond. This is also connected to your Facebook (which owns Instagram), and is another great way to promote.

6. Sell Directly From Instagram

If you have a big product list, Instagram now offers sales directly through its app. I have not seen many farmers doing this but it could be a great opportunity. There are a few stipulations and rules you must follow to get set up, but it could be a great way to sell certain farm products.

What is agriculture technique?

Agriculture Technique compiles high-quality photos of farming equipment like tractors, as well as animals and crops to publish almost daily. It also publishes videos, which typically depict animals, harvesting techniques, and comedic tractor fails. 3. Agriculture Video World, @agriculturevideoworld.

What is a Fendt tractor?

Fendt is a major manufacturer of tractors and other agricultural machines. The German company is hugely popular around the world.

What is farming UK?

Farming UK is a website that shares farming news from across the United Kingdom.

What is farming photography?

This account is the official page of Farming Photography, a UK agricultural photography and video production company that travels around the world to capture farming processes.

What is a post?

Each post is a compilation of photos of a person, or group of people, alongside their freshly grown produce.

Where does farming photography get its content from?

Farming Photography Daily gets its content from submissions made from around the world.

What is an agricorps?

If someone stands out to you, be sure to give them a follow! 1. AgriCorps, @agricorps. As a nonprofit organization, AgriCorps sends American agricultural professionals to schools in third world countries. While there, the professionals teach students about growing food.

What is the best time to farm Instagram?

Spring is my favorite season for farm Instagram —it’s when all the animals start to have babies. And it’s not just the sheep, cows, and horses you’d expect. It’s also the barn cats, sheepdogs, chickens, and ducks!

Where does Janet McQuistin farm?

Janet McQuistin raises Highland cattle and four types of sheep on her New Luce, Scotland farm .

Where does Nina Fuller live?

Nina Fuller raises sheep on her farm in Hollis, Maine, and has a donkey, a mule, and some goats to keep them company. You can stay on the farm via AirBnb, too—which is awesome.

Who is the wife of Lucas Farrell?

Very cute wife-and-husband team Louisa Conrad and Lucas Farrell moved to Southern Vermont and started their own goat farm. They sell goat’s-milk cheese and caramels and are also super good at photography. What more could you monsters want?

Is Pee-Roh a triplet?

Pee-roh is finding out its not the most ideal situation, but it will suffice. He was one of triplets, is an extreme runt, but is "cool as the other side of the pillow". Now to see if we can get him the nutrients he needs to give this life a go. #yonderwayfarm #stewartscott #peeroh.

What is the King Ranch Institute?

Offering the only Master of Science in Ranch Management program, King Ranch Institute also offers learning opportunities for ranchers through lectureships and symposiums. On the King Ranch Institute’s feed you’ll find photos from their many agriculture industry events, as well as stunning beef cattle photography.

What is a cattle tale?

Cattle Tales shares images created by other Instagram users to tell the story of cattle and to give a look into the lives of farmers and ranchers from across the country. The next time you make a post about your cattle operation, use their hashtag to share your own #cattletales!

What is the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association?

Beef producers, we are talking to you! The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, the trade association representing U.S. cattle producers, is a must-follow. Through pictures and video, NCBA consistently shares industry news and resources to help farmers and ranchers.

What is the American Farm Bureau Federation?

American Farm Bureau Federation represents agriculture on a national level. This beautifully curated Instagram account features agricultural photos of all types and shares timely content for farmers and ranchers.

Who is Sheri Glazier?

Sheri Glazier, the Dirt Road Dietitian, puts a new spin on a food blog. She not only shares her family’s story of their farm and ranch, but she is also a dietitian and presents great ideas for making easy and healthy meals for the entire family.

The social media feeds for these vegetable farms are good for photos but also for insight into their innovative agricultural practices

With all its relentless beauty, the photo-sharing app Instagram can certainly become a time-devouring distraction. But as more farmers engage and share their work through the social media platform, Instagram is also turning into a superb educational resource. An example of that applies to vegetable farms.

1. Ito Farm

An absolutely stunning farm, Ito Farm in Yamanashi Prefecture offers a elegant glimpse into small vegetable farms on the other side of the world (from me, at least). The vegetable photos are awe-inspiring and interspersed with the occasional cat cameo to make them also good for a laugh.

2. Excelsior Farm

Jeremy and Ashli Mueller run a small salad greens farm in Oregon where they not only share beautiful pictures of pristine garden plots, but also offer up a lot of innovative suggestions for how to grow more efficiently and successfully—a truly inspiring feed among vegetable farms.

3. Hayshaker Farm

This “horse-powered” feed is a never-ending source of inspiration from a fam that uses draft horses to grow some of the most lovely produce on Instagram. Into draft animals, or just like gazing? I highly recommend giving Hayshaker a follow.

4. Working Hands Farm

It is hard to say enough about Brian and Jess Powers’ Instagram. Their produce is gorgeous, and their CSA shots will leave you awed, but they are not afraid to share when things get tough. It’s such a well-rounded feed among vegetable farms from an inspiring set of farmers—and one particularly charismatic feline.

5. Rose Creek Farm

Guided by a dedication to his faith and his family, Ray Tyler might be one off the most refreshing farmers around. He is such a purely joyful person that to watch him and his family grow their amazing produce is invigorating and endlessly inspiring. A very successful farmer with a lot of good advice and perspective.

6. Green City Acres

Curtis Stone is more popularly known as The Urban Farmer from YouTube and his book by the same name; this is his feed. The photographs are amazing, and following Curtis is a great way to keep up with events he has scheduled and gain a few tips for small-scale but high production growing on vegetable farms.