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when did honey bear farm close

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By1981,Honey Bear Farm was put out to pasture and quietly closed after a storied 30-year run,first under Mrs. Krafft and later under the ownership of Chicago department store chain Carson Pirie Scott Co.,which bought Honey Bear Farm from Krafft in April 1967 for 28,500 shares of Carson stock.

What is Honeybear farms?

HoneyBear Farms is a full-service beekeeping facility that harvests raw honey, provides mentoring, offers beekeeping classes, and now, runs two community-focused coffee houses with locations in Jeffersontown and Mount Washington, Kentucky. “We love J-Town,” Joel Gonia said.

What kind of horse is honey bear the horse?

Honey Bear was the name of a filly, a double-registered quarter horse and paint the Fenders owned, and she is the namesake of the farm. When a filly matures, she is known as a mare, and the Fenders’ mare, Honey Bear, was the start of their breeding operations in 1976. Honey Bear remains exclusively a breeding farm.

What happened to the honey depot and coffee house?

The Honey Depot and Coffee House took over the building lease Sept. 3. A week later was Gaslight Festival and the coffee shop had its first opportunity to interact with the community from the new storefront.