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how to use archi steam farm

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All you need to do now is to start ASF by double-clickingArchiSteamFarm.exeand then, to get the User Interface and proceed on auto-activating keys, double-click UI.html from the main folder. ArchiSteamFarm.exe has to be running in order for UI.html to work.

What is Archi steam farm (ASF)?

Archi Steam Farm (ASF) is currently one of the greatest tools in matter of farming trading cards, but it also has some other functions. Today we will discuss the auto-activating games function.

What is justarchinet/archisteamfarm?

GitHub – JustArchiNET/ArchiSteamFarm: C# application with primary purpose of farming Steam cards from multiple accounts simultaneously. down with vertical alignment! ASF is a C# application with primary purpose of farming Steam cards from multiple accounts simultaneously.

Is SourceForge affiliated with archisteamfarm?

SourceForge is not affiliated with ArchiSteamFarm. For more information, see the SourceForge Open Source Mirror Directory . ASF is a C# application with the primary purpose of farming Steam cards from multiple accounts simultaneously.

What can I do with ASF on Steam?

Advanced support for Steam accounts, including ability to redeem keys, redeem gifts, accept trades, send messages and more Support for latest Steam security features, including SteamGuard, SteamParental and 2-factor authentication Unique ASF 2FA mechanism allowing ASF to act as a mobile authenticator, if needed

What is ASF in Steam?

ASF is a C# application with primary purpose of idling Steam cards from multiple accounts simultaneously. Unlike Idle Master which works only for one account at given time, while requiring Steam client running in the background and launching additional processes imitating "game playing" status, ASF doesn’t require any Steam client running in …

What is offline idling?

Offline idling, enabling you to skip in-game status and stop confusing your friends with fake playing status

Does ASF work on Linux?

ASF officially supports Windows, Linux and OS X operating systems, but it can work anywhere where you can obtain working .NET Core runtime. Please visit compatibility section on the wiki for more information regarding environments that ASF can work in.


This kind of behavior is not necessary to run the app, nowhere one is told of this happening without reading the source code and there isn’t an opt out, after removing the group running the program again adds the group without notice, these kind of tactics are seen on malware and deceptive programs.


Kindly remove this feature or at least ask in the first run of the app the approval or denial for adding the group and save that setting for future runs.

Abrynos commented on Dec 1, 2019

It is VERY easy to disable this kind of behaviour and if you don’t care to read the manual (wiki) you shouldn’t be using the program. Go forth and use your beloved idle master

What is a pre release?

Pre-releases are experimental versions that often contain unpatched bugs, work-in-progress features or rewritten implementations. If you don’t consider yourself advanced user, please download latest stable release instead. Pre-release versions are dedicated to users who know how to report bugs, deal with issues and give feedback – no technical support will be given. Check out ASF release cycle if you’d like to learn more.

Is ASF 6.0 based on NET 6.0?

Right now this is a very early ASF version based on .NET 6.0. We’re gradually implementing changes lined up in #2446, while allowing you to report bugs before the feature-complete release, which will improve the overall quality of the final version.

Is ASF free on Steam?

ASF is available for free, this release was made possible thanks to the people that decided to support the project. If you’re grateful for what we’re doing, please consider donating. Developing ASF requires massive amount of time and knowledge, especially when it comes to Steam (and its problems). Even $1 is highly appreciated and shows that you care. Thank you!

Does ASF run as root?

Breaking: ASF will now refuse to run as root user by default. See wiki entry for more details ( @JustArchi ).