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Tag: What is new in Farmville 3

how to expand my farm on farmville

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How do I expand my farm in Farming Simulator 2017?

Expand your farm by clicking on unexplored grassy areas, aka “overgrown fields”. Apart from coins, a few prerequisites have to be met to unlock these areas. Example: To unlock the Family Well, you will need to prove your farming and selling skills first and then purchase it with 1000 coins.

How to earn crafting power in FarmVille 2?

In Farmville 2, you will need Crafting power to make recipes in your kitchen. But you might run out of crafting power. To earn it back, visit your neighbor’s farm and tend his/her country kitchen. You also get coins, XP and water by helping animals or by harvesting crops in your friend’s farm. You can use up to 5 energy points to help them out.

Why do you need money in Farmville 3?

The main reason for establishing a steady production line is that so you can sell these goods for coins later on. You’ll need lots of cash to expand your farm, because factories and unlocking new territories in the FarmVille 3 universe require monetary power.

What is new in Farmville 3?

She will be joined by a host of specialized farmhands who according to Zynga boast diverse backgrounds and skills and will assist the her in developing and growing the farm. FarmVille 3 also introduces new husbandry mechanics, so you’ll be allowed to breed animals and add babies to your farm.

What does the dollar sign on a plot mean?

A dollar sign on a plot means you are not able to expand to that plot, either because of level or lack of coins to purchase it. Clicking on a sign will tell you when the plot become available and how many coins you will need to purchase it. Plots that are uncleared are also available for Keys.

What update did Farmville 2 Country Escape add?

In the new FarmVille 2: Country Escape update was added Water plots.

Can you unlock patches of ground?

You can only unlock patches of ground if your current unlocked ground is directly adjacent with a full patch to this new area. The general requirements are you need be at a certain level and have a certain amount of coins. You may also purchase expansions with keys if you don’t want to wait.

Can you open up a farm in Farmville 2?

You can only unlock patches of ground if your current unlocked ground is directly adjacent with a full patch to this new area.

How to plough land in Farmville 2?

Here are some more tips that will help make FarmVille 2 gameplay a bit easier: To plough land, click on the Tool icon at the bottom-left corner of the screen and click plots. Click on the empty land to add plots. Click on the empty plot to sow seeds. You can choose the crop seeds you want to sow via the General Store.

How to get livestock food in Farmville 2?

You will need to water and harvest crops to get veggies and fruits. The vegetables and fruits should then be added to a feed mill to get livestock food. Feeding chickens and goats with the food will give you milk, eggs, and other animal produce. You can then sell them via the market to earn coins. Here are some more tips that will help make FarmVille 2 gameplay a bit easier:

How to store items in inventory?

To store an object in your inventory, click Tools > Move to Inventory and then click on the object. To find a list of foods, fruits and vegetables collected, click on the Inventory menu (third menu, besides General Store). To grow crops faster, give permission to the game to access your FB information.

How long does it take to harvest tomatoes?

Some crops take time to harvest while others are quick. Of these, the quickest are tomatoes and Blueberry. Tomatoes can be harvested within 60 seconds, whereas Blueberries take 2 minutes. Take advantage of tomato crops to produce more food. pinterest-pin-it.

How many power do you need for each recipe?

power is for cooking,for each recipe u will need 1 power..

How to see what your resources produced?

When you are in the General Store window, place your mouse cursor over a seed or plant icon. To your right, in the Resources Produced section, you will notice some stats. These stats show the Sell Value, the number of feeds produced, and the recipes produced. They can be very useful as they provide a brief overview of a fruit/vegetable/tree’s worth.

What does watering seeds do in Zynga?

In Zynga’s latest 3D farm sim game, all quests are connected. Watering seeds will give you crops, which when fed to livestock animals will produce food. The food can then be sold to the market for coins. Harvesting has been made a lot easier and decorations do more than hog your precious estate.