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is philips arena state farm arena

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What is Philips Arena known for?

Philips Arena, named for founding partner Philips Electronics and home of the NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers, NBA’s Atlanta Hawks and WNBA’s Atlanta Dream, has hosted many top tours and events including: U2, Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Bruce…more. As featured in Atlanta’s atracttions by MARTA (public-transp.)

What is the seating layout at State Farm Arena?

The most common seating layout at State Farm Arena for concerts is an end-stage setup with the stage located near sections Section 101, Section 102 and Section 103. For many concerts there are also slight variations to the layout, which may include General Admission seats, fan pits and B-stages.

What is the best club to buy at State Farm Arena?

Players Club (Hawks Games) – The Players Club at State Farm Arena is one of the best clubs for big Atlanta Hawks fans. All fans in sections 117-121 in double lettered rows will ha… Swing Suites – The Swing Suites are probably one of the most unique ticket options in all of basketball.

Where is the Atlanta Hawks bench at State Farm Arena?

For most … The Atlanta Hawks bench is located directly in front of Floor Section 8. The visitor bench at State Farm Arena is located in front of Floor Section 9. To search tickets in these seating areas, select an event and apply the corresponding filter.

What is the name of the Hawks home stadium?

In surprising news, the Atlanta Hawks announced Wednesday morning that the team’s home stadium would be renamed State Farm Arena. The modern NBA is all about change. Players are empowered to switch teams willy-nilly, and arenas and stadiums are renamed constantly.

When did the Hawks first open at Philips Arena?

Philips Arena has been the home arena of the Atlanta Hawks for nearly 20 years – first opening up in 1999.

Who left the Hawks?

Philips Arena has seen players such as Jason Terry, Shareef Abdur-Rahim, Joe Johnson, Josh Smith, Josh Childress, Al Horford, Paul Millsap and even Dwight Howard join and then leave the team after finding success in a Hawks uniform – or flaming out.

Who bought the naming rights to the arena?

If reported numbers are true, State Farm just bought the naming rights to the fourth busiest arena in the country for less than $9 million a year. This is an absolute heist for them. https://t.co/zYD55fqjhQ

The Gold Standard

In 2009 State Farm Arena (formerly Philips Arena) was the first NBA arena to be awarded LEED Certification for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance. Since then, we have continued to operate in a sustainable manner by implementing the policies developed as part of this certification effort.

Novelis Partnership

Novelis is the official aluminum recycling and proud sustainability partner on State Farm Arena’s journey to becoming a TRUE zero-waste venue.

LED Lighting

All new lighting fixtures were upgraded to LED fixtures, resulting in a 41% lighting power reduction.

Updated Plumbing

Many existing plumbing fixtures were replaced with more efficient fixtures, resulting in savings of over 540,000 gallons of potable water annually with the new fixtures.

Green Housekeeping

Green housekeeping practices were updated to continue to protect the health of the arena’s staff and fans.

Waste Reduction

Over 900 tons of waste was diverted from the landfill, including multiple items that were salvaged from the existing facility and sent to Atlanta’s Lifecycle Building Center to be resold – thus positively impacting the local community.

True to the Community, True to the Earth

State Farm Arena is on the journey to becoming a Zero Waste facility. Receiving this certification means that 90% of all the materials (everything disposed of in the arena) hauled in a compactor from the arena are diverted from landfill.

What is the seat 1 in the Philips Arena?

As you look toward the court/floor from your seats, Seat 1 is the right-most seat in each section at Philips Arena.

How many people can fit in a loft suite?

Loft Suites – The Loft Suites are the perfect high end ticket for anyone looking to network. The suites can fit between 8 and 12 guests. All Loft Suite ticke…

How many sections are there in the Hawks court?

Courtside Seats (Hawks Games) – For those looking to get close to the game the best options are in the Hawks floor seats. There are nine sections that surround the court. Sections 8 …

What is the Atlanta Social Club?

Atlanta Social Club – The Atlanta Social Club is among the most premier among all arenas in the country. These all-inclusive seats at State Farm Arena feature endless food…

How many rows up is a good view?

For the best combination of a good view, good accessibility and a fair price, we recommend being about 15 rows up (near Row P) and two or three sections away from the stage (e.g.: 107/108).

Where is the Atlanta Hawks bench?

The Atlanta Hawks bench is located directly in front of Floor Section 8.

Where are lower number seats on the court?

As you look towards the court from your seats, lower number seats are on your right.


The arena was originally laid out in a rather unusual manner, with the club seats and luxury boxes aligned solely along one side of the playing surface, and the general admission seating along the other three sides (the arrangement was later emulated at the Detroit Lions’ home, Ford Field).


During the late 1980s and early 1990s, many cities starting building new state-of-the-art sporting venues for their NHL and/or NBA franchises, or in hopes of attaining one.


On March 14, 2008, an EF2 Tornado struck near Philips Arena. The arena only received minor exterior damage.