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Tag: What is Sosnovka in Farming Simulator 15

where to sell eggs in farming simulator 2017 sosnovka

where to sell eggs in farming simulator 2017 sosnovka插图

The Sale Point
To sell Eggs,simply bring the boxes to the marked area atthe Sale Point. Eggs are sold automatically once over the Sale Point,though this is somewhat finicky. You may need to get out of your transport vehicle and throw the egg boxes out onto the sale point platform.

How to sell eggs in Farming Simulator 19?

In Farming Simulator 19, you can sell eggs at Sale Points, these are places on the map that you can travel to in order to sell products. There are different types of Sale Points, each type accepts a different type of product.

What is Sosnovka in Farming Simulator 15?

You can help Farming Simulator Wiki by expanding it. Sosnovka is a map introduced in Farming Simulator 15 Gold Edition. It is a map that portrays a large farm in Eastern Europe. Activities wise it contains fields that the players can farm on, and a dense forest that allows tree logging.

How do I sell eggs?

To sell eggs, and other types of animal pen materials, you have to use Crop Sale Points. You might find issues with the Crop Sale Points, that’s because, unfortunately, they tend to be quite buggy sometimes.

How do I sell products in Farming Simulator 22?

The following page explains where to sell products, plants, and crops in Farming Simulator 22 and how to get the most money for them. To sell harvested crops or manufactured goods, open the Prices tab in the menu.

How valuable are eggs in Farming Simulator 19?

In Farming Simulator 19, eggs are extremely valuable. Per liter, they are the highest-value material in the game, which makes it very appealing to produce and sell eggs. Eggs actually work differently from all other animal products in Farming Simulator 19. It can be quite confusing at first but it’s worth understanding so you can maximize your gains.

What is a tipper truck?

You can also resort to a tipper, which is a type of vehicle that is great for transporting products due to its unloading feature that will automatically dump all of the boxes onto the platform.

Who is Ashely Claudino?

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Can you go on foot to sell?

Regarding transportation, you can use go on foot, however, this depends on how many boxes of products you’re going to sell and how far away you actually are from the Sale Point. It is advisable to use your hands to load the boxes onto the truck of the car and then drive to the Sale Point.

How many liters of eggs are in a chicken coop?

Eggs are produced at an irregular rate at the Chicken Coop, starting at 0 liters per 15 minutes and constantly accelerating. The more Chickens there are in the Chicken Coop, the faster Egg production accelerates. Eggs accumulate in small boxes of up to 150 liters each, and can never be turned into a loose material.

How much barley does a chicken eat?

A hundred Chickens consume only 500 liters of Barley per day, which is a small fraction of the yield of a single hectare of Barley. On the other hand, Barley is itself not a cheap product, and could potentially be sold for $0.76 per liter. This, coupled with the Production Rate Limit on eggs, means that at some point extra Chickens will consume more value in Barley than they produce in Eggs.

How much water does a chicken need to produce eggs?

While producing Eggs, each chicken consumes 5 Liters of Food per day. This is the simplest supply chain among all animals. Chickens do not even require Water .

What are eggs in farming simulator 19?

Eggs are a type of Material in Farming Simulator 19. Eggs can only be created in a Chicken Coop by providing Wheat or Barley to the Chickens. Eggs are created in very small quantities, but are by far the highest-value material in the game, per liter.

How does the game compare the amount of eggs it placed to the current production rate?

If the amount of placed Eggs is lower than the Production Rate, the game reduces the Production Rate to however many Eggs it managed to place.

How many chickens per coop?

The cutoff appears to be somewhere around 170-180 chickens per coop. Any more chickens than this, and the benefit to production rates is not high enough to justify the extra Barley fed to the chickens.

Where to find fill level in Animals?

You can track the fill of the current egg box in the Animals Overview menu. There is no other way to inspect the fill level of an egg box.

selling eggs

can anyone please tell this old farmer where he can sell his eggs on Goldcrest?

Re: selling eggs

Quickest way is to fast travel to the Gas Station at the northeast part of the map, then walk straight north to that house.
There is also a sellpoint in the downtown area down one of those side streets.

Re: selling eggs

LOL! I’ve been playing on this map for over 180 hours and I didn’t know there was an egg sell point in the north!!!
I guess I need to explore a bit more!

Re: selling eggs

I usually don’t sell eggs until I "finish" with a map.. they just sit in my "backpack"… I had over 10,000 i think when I finished Sosnovka on FS15 prior to FS17 release… that is a big backpack

Some Egg boxes won’t sale

I have chickens and I went to sale the eggs and well unfortunately some of the boxes wouldn’t sale no matter what I did also if I place them on the sale point, the box just phases through it like it’s not even there.

Re: Some Egg boxes won’t sale

So I had a friend on ps4 communities give me a suggestion to use a tool that straps items from the top down like the bag and lifter pack, now this may not help with the boxes not getting sold part but if a box does fall inside the sale point you can use the bag and lifter to fish it out.

Re: Some Egg boxes won’t sale

The egg boxes on the vanilla maps and mod maps have to be facing the way they come out, so facing up.

Re: Some Egg boxes won’t sale

The egg boxes on the vanilla maps and mod maps have to be facing the way they come out, so facing up.

Re: Some Egg boxes won’t sale

Egg boxes are so finicky. On Dahl ranch, I could get them to sell in the egg pallet on the back of the mahindra, but on lone oak the didn’t want to. Had to get them off the mahindra to sell.