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Tag: What is the best Clash of clans base

what does farming base mean in clash of clans

what does farming base mean in clash of clans插图

In Clash of Clans, farming is the term forlooking at bases with the intention of collecting as much lootas possible, often while using as few resources to do so as possible. Depending on where you are with your league, this can be with or without the intention of also taking a star from a multiplayer battle by reaching 50 percent destruction.

How to make good base in Clash of clans?

TAKE A BASE – GIVE A BASE! …Once a base is uploaded,it is automatically posted to the Home page,Base Layout page and on multiple Discord community servers.View your base uploads (must be logged in) under the Base Type drop down called ‘ My Bases ‘.Your uploads can be modified on the Upload Base page.More items…

What is the best Clash of clans base?

A farming base is a type of base mostly active when you farm. The main idea of this base is to leave your town hall away outside your walls. …A trophy base is one in which you put your town hall inside your base,and your trophies are the most important thing to you. …A hybrid base is one where it defends your trophies and resources equally.

How to make successful clan in Clash of clans?

Think about the fun or meaningful terminology you use for the game. Every game has a backstory complete with characters,unique settings,and other specifics that users are familiar with. …Use your own name or nickname and add to it. If you would like a more personal name for your clan,you can name it after yourself. …Adapt names from our list. …

How to improve my Clash of clans base?

Shields up!Learn the lay of the land. The core strategic mechanic of Clash of Clans combat is to have as many walls between your resources and the outside as possible.Pick your targets. …Get raiding buddies. …Punch your weight in Clan Wars. …Tailor your armies in Clan Wars. …Your top Clash of Clans tips,tricks,and cheats! …

What is farming?

In Clash of Clans, farming is the term for looking at bases with the intention of collecting as much loot as possible, often while using as few resources to do so as possible. Depending on where you are with your league, this can be with or without the intention of also taking a star from a multiplayer battle by reaching 50 percent destruction.

The numbers to farming

In a raid, there is only a certain amount of resources per storage or collector that is available to an attacker to be able to loot.

How to know where to raid

Farming resources is one of the easiest ways to grab resources, but knowing what to look for is not as easy as it sounds. Seeing lots of exposed Mines, Collectors and Drills on the outside of the walls is not always a guarantee that you’ll get a good amount of resources from it.

How to engage villages to farm

The village below is an example of a good village to attack as almost all of the collectors are full and of a high level, meaning that you have an excellent opportunity to farm plenty of resources.

Why do you need minions in Town Hall 8?

They can be very useful if you are trying to farm as quickly as possible, as you can quickly replenish your troops between battles. It becomes easier to use Minions more frequently at Town Hall 8 because you will have two Dark Elixir drills and be able to produce more Dark Elixir on a daily basis.

What is the best army for farming?

Opinions vary wildly about the best setup for your farming army, but generally, you’re going to want some combination of Goblins, Archers, Barbarians, Giants, and Wall Breakers. The most common configuration is Barbarians and Archers (widely called "Barch") but you can sprinkle in wall breakers and giants if needed.

What achievement do you get to get the Sweet Victory?

Get the "Sweet Victory" achievement. This achievement is awarded after you win a certain number of trophies from multiplayer battles, and gives you almost enough gems to purchase the third or fourth Builder’s Hut. This is essential for keeping your town upgraded.

What is farming based on?

Farming is based both on trophies and your Town Hall level. You receive penalties for attacking towns that are more than one level below your Town Hall, so you’ll need to balance your level and your trophies. More on that later.

How to reduce your overall loss of resources?

By spreading them out, you reduce your overall loss of resources. Place high-level resource collectors inside walls and leave the others outside. Keep checking the game after every 6 to 8 hours and collect the resources from the collectors. …

What is farming in Clash of Clans?

Farming is a term in which the player changes her or his attributes of attacking and defending so that s/he is mostly focused on resources, not trophies. It involves intentionally losing so that you drop down to lower levels, giving you the opportunity to attack weaker opponents. Since Clash of Clans has several systems in place to try to prevent farming, it requires manipulating some things in your favor.

What happens when you increase your town hall level?

Later levels generally call for more Goblins than anything else, though some strategies call for more Archers. As you increase your Town Hall Level, your maximum army size will increase, allowing for a greater unit variety, as well as a greater spell variety.

Step 1: Farming-What Is Farming

Well farming is purposefully dropping enough trophies to get demoted to a lower league. This allows a player that is good enough for a higher league to be able to attack people that are not as good so your able to make lots of gold and elixir for upgrading. I could be in gold league but im farming silver 1.

Step 2: How to Drop Those Darn Trophies

Now you may be wondering how do I drop those trophies well there is a combination of 2 methods. 1 attack with one barbarian or archer or even a goblin, any cheap troop, then leave. This will lose you probably 20 trophies, second put your town hall outside your base.

Step 3: What to Protect

Another good point is what you should protect well that depends on your farm style. I protect my dark elixir 1- because I dont have collectors 2-it is hard to come by. But some choose to protect gold and elixer over all else. Other hold gold over elixer or vice versa. In any case center your village around your favored resources.

Step 4: Walls

So whats to protect your precious resource, and defences. Well walls of course. Walls get more expensive the higher you go but it is well worth it. And this is yet another reason to farm, I have spent 13 million gold just upgrading my walls from gold to crystal.

Step 5: Your Army

Well your army is the most important part of your farm strategy, most farmers have a large army of high lvl barbarians or archers. But I only have lvl 4 barbarians, and lvl 3 archers. Also my army can penetrate deep into the enemy’s base desroying everything, so here it is.

Step 6: Upgrade

My last point what to upgrade. First upgrade your mines and collecters you’ll need the resources, next you need your defences especially your mortars, and wiz towers. Lastly anything to do with your army.

Step 7: So That Wraps It Up

Well thats it I’ll do more instuctables on clash of clans. I hope this helped you so keep on clashing claners.