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Tag: What is the best landscape in Farming Simulator 19

how to landscape in farming simulator 19

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What is the best landscape in Farming Simulator 19?

Mountainous landscapes and predominantly coniferous trees are ideal for felling. You’ll often encounter difficult terrain here: tight plots of land surrounded by boulders or located on steep slopes. Farming Simulator 19 features a multiplayer mode. You can play games on the server for up to 16 people.

Can you cut down trees in Farming Simulator 19?

Farming Simulator 19 enables the player to cut down every tree found on his land – the money spent on more forest-dense plots can even return to you if you cut down and sell the wood found on them. You can also grow trees and poplars on your field, with poplars being the only source of wood chips.

How do I make money in Farming Simulator 19?

In Farming Simulator 19, the player can earn money by selling trees: wholesome, a few meter parts, as firewood, or as wood chips. Below you’ll find a walkthrough for the process of harvesting wood.

What is power harrows Farming Simulator 19?

Power Harrows – a lightweight cultivator, to which some seeders and cultivators can be connected. The basic version of Farming Simulator 19 enables the player to use two maps as starting locations: Ravenport – this is a map in a climate straight from the United States.

What is the difference between Sampo Rosenlew and Komatsu?

Komatsu / Ponsse) is the fact that the small vehicle ( Sampo Rosenlew) cannot cut the biggest trees and can divide it only into 6 meter bales, while bigger vehicles can divide the timber into 8 meter bales.

How to cut trees into firewood?

cut the trees into smaller pieces and load them using a loader or a loader with a crane , cut the trees into firewood and load manually onto any trailer (surprisingly, you’ll earn a lot of money for this type of material) Use a wood chip machine to process all wood and drive the wood chips to a lumber mill. Additionally: you can attempt …

How big of a bale can a man tgx carry?

Aside from the aforementioned trailers, you can utilize vehicles that are customized to handle large bales, and have an autonomous gripper. MAN TGX can carry 6 meter bales. The remaining models offer better maneuverability, but their recommended bale size is 4-5 meters.

How much does woodchip cost?

Woodchips can be transported in almost any trailer. Remember that the price of woodchips changes dynamically?? Standard price (on medium difficulty level) is 180$ (+30% on easy/-50% on hard). Remember that woodchips’ selling spot is located at the back of the lumber mill – you simply tip your load onto a heap of woodchips.

Where to find Jenz 700 Sta?

JENZ HE 700 StA – This machine is found in Objects tab in the shop. Place it in any location on your land. The machine works all the time, it’s big and has a convenient hole and a belt to load the wood with. Advantages? The woodchips are automatically sold in the lumber mill; you don’t need to transport them. Disadvantages? Upkeep costs 100$ per day.

How to get rid of tree trunks?

To get rid of the trunks of the cut down trees, buy FSI ST 65 T ( Forestry machines tab). A similar device is an add-on to skid steer loader. Activate the tool, lower it down and start cutting the trunk – if you were successful, shavings will start to fly. If they are not flying, re-set the device. A removed tree trunk disappears – don’t expect any benefits or a cash reward – the tree trunks are removed only so they don’t block your vehicles.

How big of a bale for a Fliegl Timber Runner?

Thanks to the gripper, the loading process is much easier than with a loader. Recommended bale size: 4 meters. Fliegl Timber Runner requires a saddle (a truck or a tractor).

How many maps can you use in Farming Simulator 19?

The basic version of Farming Simulator 19 enables the player to use two maps as starting locations:

What animals can you breed?

You can breed the following animals: hens (produce eggs), pigs (provide manure), sheep (provide wool), cows (milk and manure) and horses that require your attention and work to increase their endurance and sell profitably .

What crops are added to the pool of crops?

New crops and livestock: three new plants are added to the pool of crops: rye, cotton and sugar cane (while retaining those introduced in the previous installments); now also horses are available for animal husbandry. Real estate and buildings: you are no longer dependent on predefined locations on maps.

What crops can you grow in Husbandry?

In this installment the player can grow: wheat, rye, oats, barley, rapeseed, corn, sunflower, soya, potatoes, sugar beet, sugar cane, poplar for chips and trees. Husbandry includes the following animals: hens, pigs, sheep, cows and horses.

Is farming simulator afraid of work?

A good farmer is not afraid of work. The community around Farming Simulator 2019 isn’t either, and thanks to this, new mods are constantly being created to enrich the fun even today. Here is our review of the best of them.

Can you use a subsoiler on a tractor?

Subsoilers – you can use them just like a regular plough – plough the field periodically and use them when planting root crops. They have a negligible load on the tractor and work quickly, and you can connect some models of planters and seeders (with 3-point connection) directly.

Can you empty everything to the ground?

You can now empty everything to the ground: the contents of seeders, grains and other things. To collect them later, simply use any loader.