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how to manage goat farm

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How to start a goat farming business?

Steps to follow for starting a profitable Goat Farming businessShelter for Goats: Location and type of enclosure. The first thing any farmer should consider is the location for raising Goats. …Feed and water. We should have enough land to grow hay/pasture for our goats. …Choosing the Right Goat breed for your purpose. …Disease management in Goat Farming. …Goat Marketing. …

How do you make money raising goats?

Goat farmers make their money by selling market kids. Selling market kids is the main income producer for a meat goat farm. Some farms will have extra does or doelings for sale when they have a very successful year and have the main herd up to the number of head needed for the land. As with all operations, there will also be culls.

How to raise goats on your small farm?

Goat fencing should be durable,strong,and resist climbingIt needs to be maintained and repaired consistentlyIt should keep predators outIt should not have gaps that allow goats to get stuck.

What is the best meat goat to raise?

Some of the more popular goat breeds for meat are:Boer – Originating in South Africa,these white with reddish brown goats are the most popular goat for meat in the United States. …Kiko – This goat originated in New Zealand from feral goats. …Tennessee Meat Goat – These myotonic goats have been developed at Onion Creek Ranch in Texas for the past 20-plus years. …More items…

How to keep goats warm in winter?

Build a goat shelter. Your goats will need a place to go in the winter and when it’s raining. A small pole barn will work just fine. Goat breeds with thick coats may be able to withstand colder temperatures, but check with an experienced goat farmer first. If you live in a mild climate a three-sided enclosure will provide fresh air; if your area experienced cold winters, create a fully enclosed, draft-free environment, but let the goats out during the day.

What to do if your goat is not healthy?

If no goat farmers or livestock veterinarians live nearby, try to find a book on goat farming that covers topics such as performing a health check and identifying signs of disease.

What are the different types of goats?

There are three main types of goats divided by sex: females, called does; uncastrated males, called bucks; and castrated males, called wethers. Does need to be impregnated by a buck before they produce milk, but raising a buck can require a lot of extra work.

How to keep goats from climbing fence?

1. Build excellent fencing. Goats are excellent at crawling through small gaps or climbing over fencing. Five feet fences or higher of sturdy, "no-climb" wire fencing strung between posts is harder to climb or slip through than fences constructed with horizontal beams.

What do goats need to survive?

Depending on the goat and season, goats need hay, greens, and some sort of feed, usually higher in protein.

What breed of goats are used for milk production?

Choose a goat breed. Some breeds are suited for milk production, such as Nigerian Dwarf, La Mancha, and Alpine goats. Others are usually raised for meat, such as the Spanish or Tennessee breeds. Finally, some farms raise Angora or Cashmere goats to sell their hair for fabric.

How to feed goats calcium?

Compare various grains to determine which will be nutritious and cost-effective for feeding your goats. The feed should provide significant amounts of calcium and phosphorus in a 1.2:1 ratio to prevent health problems, and certain feeds may require additional mineral supplements. An experienced goat farmer or a veterinarian may be able to advise you on locally available options.

What kind of goats are there in Nigeria?

There are different types of goat breeds available around the world for rearing in the goat farm like Pygmy goats, Dwarf goats of Nigeria, Cashmere goats , Black Bengal goat, Mountain goats, Boer goats etc.

Why is goat milk important?

Goat milk is used for making various types of foods and it’s very easy to digest than milk of cows. Commercial goat farming business has created a potential way of employment for unemployed people. Goats are multi purpose animal. They can produce milk, meat, skin, fiber and manure at the same time.

What is goat farming?

Generally goat farming means ‘rearing goats for the purpose of harvesting milk, meat and fiber’.

How old do goats have to be to have kids?

Goats are good breeders and they reach sexual maturity within their 7-12 months of age and give birth of kids within a short time. And some goat breed produce numerous kids per kidding. Risks are less for goat farming (even in drought prone areas) than any other livestock farming business.

Why are goats considered a poor cow?

Goats have been considered as poor man’s cow (mini cow) for the poor people because of it’s immense contribution in rural economy and national income.

What is a dairy goat?

Dairy goats are raised mainly for commercial milk production or for family milk consumption. They can also be displayed at trade shows. According to the association of dairy goats Nubians, Lamanchas, Alper, Oberhasli, Saanen and Togenburgs are the world famous dairy goat breed.

Why are goats raised?

For example, they are raised for meat, milk, fiber and skin production. And also for producing fancy goats for raising as pets.

What goat breeds are good for hair production?

For the purpose of producing milk you can select Alpine, Anglo Nubians or Jamunapari goat breeds. Angora goats are very suitable for hair/fiber production. And Pygmy goats are generally raised as show animals. You should choose goat breeds according to your desired production and available local facilities for goat farming.

What to know before starting goat farming?

Before starting goat farming business, be sure that all types of veterinary care and services are available in your local area. During pre or post production period your goats may get infected by various types of diseases.

What do goats eat?

Goats are ruminants. The eat almost everything whatever they find eatable in front of them. Their digestive systems are very suitable for processing plant matter easily. Even, they can also consume and digest unpalatable vegetation like thistles and nettles.

Why is fencing important for goats?

Fencing is very essential for goat farming. A good fencing can protect your animals from other harmful animals.

What is the eating style of goats?

This type of top down eating is simply known as browsing. And the eating style of cattle and sheep is known as grazing. The browsing habit of goats is very helpful for keeping them free from ingesting parasitic worms and insects. Along with browsing, goats also require special types of nutrition ingredients.

Why are goats raised?

Whatever the rearing is, they must have to be kept healthy, productive and safe from predators and other harmful animals .

How to keep goats safe?

A good house or shelter keeps the goat safe. They can take place inside the shelter while it is heavy rain outside. You can also make a shade for taking rest. In family production you don’t have to make a dedicated house for your goats. You can easily keep your goats with your other farm animals, like sheep or cattle.

What do goats eat?

Goats are not lawnmowers and they will eat your rose bushes. They are ruminants: They have four stomach compartments and regurgitate. They will eat, chew their cud (the green stuff that comes up regurgitating their food) and repeat that process all day long. A hungry goat will eat things it is not supposed to eat and you will have trouble. By the way, anything the goat eats, will impart a unique flavor on the milk, hence all the regional flavors of cheese in Europe where the dairy goats live on pastures and eat wild vegetation of the region. You may want to ease up on feeding garlic.

How many goats do you need to have a herd?

They get bored and lonely when alone. It is never a good idea to just have one goat, you need at a minimum two goats. Two does or a doe and a wether (a neutered male goat) or a buck and a doe, if you are ready to start a little herd. They huddle and cuddle, they eat and they sleep together. And no, a human, even though much-loved, cannot substitute as a companion. A lonely goat will climb on cars, get into your garden, and sit on your porch or escape. A lonely goat will be a noisy goat, because they will call for a companion.

Why do goats stay in pasture?

If they stay in their pasture, it is because they want to be there. You need to have good fencing before you get a goat or two.

Do goats eat garlic?

A hungry goat will eat things it is not supposed to eat and you will have trouble. By the way, anything the goat eats, will impart a unique flavor on the milk, hence all the regional flavors of cheese in Europe where the dairy goats live on pastures and eat wild vegetation of the region. You may want to ease up on feeding garlic.

How long are bucks sticky?

Bucks are stinky and sticky 6 months out of the year.

Do goats have a pecking order?

Goats have a pecking order. They have a very distinct herd hierarchy and pick on lesser goats, especially if they are new to the herd. Goats will ram and head-butt each other. When you introduce a new goat into a herd, if you can, always introduce two together so they have a buddy.

Do goats like routine?

Dairy goats love routine and get upset when the routine changes. Keep that in mind when you rearrange the milking stands to be more efficient. The goats will not like it. Three weeks later, you will change everything back.

Why are goats housed in groups?

In general, goats are housed as a group because this is less labour intensive for the goat keeper and the building costs of the stable are lower. The goat is a true herd animal and prefers group housing. In order to avoid unrest the size of the herd must not be too large. If the goats do not graze, a surface area of one and a half to two square meters of floor space is needed per adult goat. If they do graze one square meter per goat is sufficient.

What is tethering goats?

Tethering describes a system in which goats are kept in a shed during nighttime, whereas during daytime they are tethered in the vicinity of the house, along the roadside or on public grounds. Tethering of goats is practical only for very small herds. Only adults are tethered, while young kids are often let loose. Often the sexes are not separated in the shed, so mating is uncontrolled. Feed and water should be provided in the shed.

Why is it important to house goats?

Disease symptoms such as diarrhoea and coughing can be noticed earlier when the goats are kept housed or penned. It makes a difference whether you house the goats individually or as a group. Within a group an inactive goat, possibly due to a disease, will be noticed sooner. A good shed has a quarantine area where you can separate goats which are probably sick. An advantage of housing is that you can give each animal individual attention and better feed. For example, you can control the feeding of pregnant or nursing animals or a weakened, sick goat. Furthermore, there are certain housing systems, which make the milking of goats easier.

Why do goats shed?

In warm climates the shed will heat up due to sunshine. Also goats emit heat when digesting their feed. If the animals cannot get rid of that heat because the surrounding temperature is too high, they eat less and therefore produce less. Ventilation is also essential to prevent respiratory diseases to which goats are very susceptible. Make the shed sufficiently high and be sure to there are openings for ventilation in the roof or walls.

How are goats kept?

Goats are kept in varying climates. Within each climatic zone many more, smaller zones can be distinguished which can differ greatly. Some are dry others are wet. Sometimes this is combined with heat, or in other places with cold. The conditions can be stable but are often also extremely variable. In short, each region has its own requirements for the housing of animals.

How long do goats stay in confinement?

Animals are let out for grazing during a restricted part of the day, usually 3-5 hours supervised by a herdsman. The advantage of this system is that it gives the goats the opportunity to supplement their diet and do some selective feeding to overcome dietary deficiencies. During the confinement, stall feeding is practiced. Very often young kids are left behind in the shed, corral or yard. Separation of the sexes is rarely practiced, uncontrolled mating is common. An option within this system is grazing the goats in fenced paddocks.

Why are goats important?

Goats are of high importance because of the many functions they provide. The rearing of goats provides a small but nevertheless significant supply of animal protein in the form of meat and milk. This is particular important for families of low-income farmers and the landless that do not have the resources to keep a cow and cannot afford to purchase meat and milk. Access to land for smallholders is becoming increasingly precarious due to fragmentation, poor implementation of land policies, and irregular sales and allocations.

What plants will goats clear?

Last year my goats completely cleared an overgrown fencerow, first annihilating vines and then eating away low lying weeds. They revealed tons of delicious wild asparagus for me to enjoy. They devoured the Japanese honeysuckle choking out a small tree grove. By fall the grove was clear of invasives and much healthier.

Why do we need goats to clear land?

Utilizing goats to clear land offers several advantages to machinery, herbicides and other livestock.

What is the book Gregory the Terrible Eater about?

It tells the story of a cute billy goat who gets a tummy ache from eating too much junkyard trash. The book reinforces the common misconception that goats eat everything. In reality goats don’t eat trash. But they do eat unwanted vegetation, overbearing …

Why are goats better than other ruminants?

Goats are superior land managers to other ruminants and pigs because they are natural browsers.

What size fence should I use for goats?

Portable electric fencing is a good choice for temporary land clearing situations. For permanent pastures I use 12.5 gauge goat fence (4 inch) and 12.5 gauge field fence (6 inch).

Do goats eat toxic plants?

I scan new property for toxic plants before letting them on new land. My experience has been that goats are good at avoiding toxic plants without human supervision, but I mow down anything that might cause them problems just to be safe.

Do goats need fuel?

Goats don’t require fuel, spare parts or repairs, making them considerably less expensive than heavy equipment. The only emissions goats release are organic fertilizer, milk, meat and club kids. Residue from herbicides used to clear land can be toxic to humans, animals and pollinators.