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how to qualify as a tree farm

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To qualify for Tree Farm certification,woodlands must be:between 10 acres and 10,000 acres;under management,with a written and implemented plan that accounts for water quality,wildlife habitat,soil conservation and biodiversity,as well as production of forest products;protected from fire,insects,disease,and destructive grazing; andreforested in a timely manner after harvesting.

How do you start a tree farm?

When you start a tree farm, you must address two different sides of the venture. First, you must create the farm. Second, you must create the business. The farm and the business work hand in hand. You can have a farm without making it a business, but by creating a business around the farm, you can make it profitable.

Is tree farming a profitable business?

The tree farm is nowadays a much popular farming business across the globe. If you own a few acres of land, you can start a tree farm as a business. It has twin benefits of being an eco-friendly effort apart from reaping profits. Moreover, if you plant high-value trees you can earn profits more than your expectations.

What is the certification of a tree farm?

Many countries have their system of certification of tree farms. In the US it is the American Tree Farm Systems or ATFS. The certification of ATFS is helpful in the case of the marketing of goods. The local forest office will also help you get the certification of ATFS. You will also have to know the tax structure of the Tree Farm.

What qualifies as a farm?

IRS definition of what qualifies as a farm According to the United States Internal Revenue Service, a business qualifies as a farm if it is actively cultivating, operating or managing land for profit. A farm includes livestock, dairy, poultry, fish, vegetables and fruit.

What is tree farming?

Traditional tree farming meant a forest owned by private individuals where huge trees are grown and managed for timber production. However, the concept of tree farms has changed in recent years. You can start a tree farm for quick returns. For this, you have to get rid of growing trees that take long years to grow and give returns on harvest …

How to make money from a tree farm?

If you want to earn quick profits from your tree farm, you should set up a nursery on your plot of land. Star growing trees from good quality seeds, within a year or two, you will be able to sell them to the landscapers or homeowners.

How long does it take for a black walnut tree to grow?

Along with it, you can cut the strands and sell them. The black walnut gives a very high-priced timber but takes at least 30 years for harvesting. However, this tree in your tree farm will start giving you profits much earlier.

How many pounds of nuts do chestnut trees produce?

These fruit trees grow easily in vast areas of the US and produce 2000-3000 pounds of nuts per acre. These fruits blend the good qualities of US and Chinese chestnuts. Another advantage is the high price of timber on the maturity of this tree.

How many Christmas trees can you grow on an acre?

Christmas Trees. With the fall in the sale of artificial Christmas Trees, growing real Christmas Trees is a really profitable venture. An acre of land can hold 1800 Christmas trees. You can also sell branches or wreaths from the tree.

What are the things to consider when starting a tree farm?

Now, let us discuss the factors you need to consider before starting a tree farm. They are: 1. Getting the land ready. Your decision to start a tree farm should at first be followed by preparing your land for planting. Use a good tractor and clean your land properly. 2. Choice of Trees.

What are some of the things that trees produce?

There are many trees that produce many usable items while growing. These usable items include craft fibers, decorative wood, food, live plants, or ornaments. These items provide you with a continuous and sustainable income.

What is a forest certification program?

A Forest Certification Program. "To promote the growing of renewable forest resources on private lands while protecting environmental benefits and increasing public understanding of all benefits of productive forestry.".

How many acres are in a tree farm?

A Tree Farm is at least 10 acres of forestland under management, with an implemented plan that accounts for water quality, wildlife habitat and soil conservation, as well as production of forest products.

Who sponsors Texas Tree Farm?

Texas Tree Farm is co-sponsored by Texas Forestry Association, a task force of 30 foresters and landowners comprise the Texas Tree Farm Committee. The Committee meets at least four times per year to distribute recertification forms and plan the Tree Farm events for the year.

How often does the USDA collect data?

The USDA has collected data on farms through the detailed Census of Agriculture every five years since 1840. The census is administered by the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service and gathers data on land use, ownership, production, income, expenditures and operator demographics.

Why are farm sales so low?

In some years, however, they experience low sales due to bad weather, disease or changes in marketing strategies.

What is a working farm?

A working farm has a lot going on. It can be a place that harvests produce, raises animals, grows landscaping plants or trees. But when it comes to what qualifies as a farm, there are very specific criteria.

What is a farm?

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, “A farm is defined as any place from which $1,000 or more of agricultural products were produced and sold, or normally would have been sold, during the year.”.

Can you deduct farm expenses on taxes?

Individuals or businesses that meet the definition of farming may be able to deduct certain farm-related expenses or losses as part of their annual tax filing.

Who is Tori Jackson?

Tori Jackson, professor of agriculture and natural resources with the University of Maine Cooperative Extension Service, works with farmers around the state and she defines a farm as land that produces food or fiber for sale or consumption off the farm.

What is ATFS in forest?

Independent organizations, most notably, the American Tree Farm System (ATFS), and others such as small woodlot owners associations and the National Association of Consulting Foresters, will also provide professional assistance.

How many acres of forest is ATFS certified?

So far, the ATFS has certified over 22 million acres of forest in the US alone.

What is sustainable woodland?

A sustainable woodland is an impressive legacy to leave the future. Through conservation easements, land trusts and other tree farm reservation programs, it’s possible to make ensuring the ongoing protection of your land part of your estate planning.

Why are tree farms important?

Like all natural resources, however, they require proper care to ensure they are harvested in a responsible, sustainable manner.

Why do tree farm expenses merge?

This structure offers the advantage that the tree farm expenses are merged with the expenses of the business with which it is associated, helping to meet the material participation test under the passive loss rules. It also avoids the need for a separate accounting for the profitability of the tree farm activity. Another advantage is that since the timber is not held for use in the main trade or business, nor primarily for sale if few sales are made, it receives capital gains treatment on lump sum sales.

Is Timberland a non-farm business?

Activity Incidental to Non-farm Business – Timberland is titled with other business property. Costs are reported on the business tax return. Treatment of income is the same as for a farm business. The passive loss restrictions apply to the overall business.

Do tree farmers use Schedule F?

Technical Note – Are tree farmers "farmers" if the only crop they produce is timber? Most IRS employees would say they are and in fact many tree farmers use Schedule F (Farming), Form 1040. If you are doing so there is no reason to change. The IRS has no official position on this point. The term "farm" (farming) is defined many places in the Code, but only within the context of the particular section to which the term applies. In general, a farmer is someone receiving farm income and farm income is defined by most sections of the Code as being from the sale of agricultural commodities (grain, fruit, vegetables, etc.) or livestock.

How many years must a farmland be devoted to agriculture?

The second requirement is that the property must be actively devoted to agricultural or horticultural use for at least the two successive years immediately before the tax year for which farmland assessment is requested, he said.

How many acres are needed to be a farm?

There are several requirements before your property can be assessed as a farm. First, it must be at least five acres, said Neil Becourtney, a certified public accountant and tax partner with CohnReznick in Holmdel. The second requirement is that the property must be actively devoted to agricultural or horticultural use for at least …

When do you file a farmland assessment?

An application for farmland assessment must generally be filed on or before August 1 of the year before the tax year for which such farmland valuation is sought. The assessor can grant an extension of time, up to and including September 1, if it appears to the director’s satisfaction that the taxpayer’s failure to file the application form by …

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