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where is yolanda hadids farm

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  • Where does Yolanda Hadid live now?

  • YOLANDA Hadid is loving life down at her serene $4 million Pennsylvania farm in her garden and with her beloved horses. The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star was previously in coronavirus self-isolation on her gorgeous 32-acre property which she bought in 2017.

  • Where is Yolanda Hadid鈥檚 Pennsylvania farm?

  • Like many historic properties in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Yolanda Hadid鈥檚 farm dates back to 1781, and the property records go back even further. William Penn actually deeded the land in 1682 (you know, the English Quaker and religious freedom advocate who founded the colony of Pennsylvania).

  • Can You Tour Yolanda Hadid鈥檚 east coast farm?

  • For those who love East Coast charm and historic farmhouses, try not to drool. The mother to supermodels Bella and Gigi snapped up a gorgeous full-restored 32-acre horse lovers oasis in 2017, but it was not until coronavirus set in that we got a full tour of Yolanda Hadid 鈥榮 farm.

  • Do Yolanda Hadid鈥檚 miniature horses live inside her house?

  • But if you follow Yolanda Hadid鈥檚 Instagram closely, it sometimes seems as though the miniatures live inside the house. On the Farm: Yolanda Hadid works in her garden beds. Bella Hadid鈥檚 horse cozies up the supermodel. Dua Lipa at the Hadid family farm in Bucks County, PA.

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