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how much is ravenseat farm worth

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  • Who owns Ravenseat farm in Yorkshire?

  • Clive is the owner of Ravenseat Farm He says he chose Ravenseat because of its position in the heart of Swaledale and associations with the breed of the same name. The farm is located in the Yorkshire Dales and is based three and a half miles west of Keld, in Swaledale. It spans 2000 acres.

  • What is Ravenseat?

  • Ravenseat A traditional Yorkshire Dales hill farm. Ravenseat is the home of The Yorkshire Shepherdess, Amanda Owen, her husband Clive and their 9 children.

  • Does Amanda Holden own Ravenseat farm?

  • She can currently be found on the Channel 5 show named Our Yorkshire Farm. All of these ventures onto the airwaves and the TV box are sure to have helped keep up those earnings. While Amanda does not own Ravenseat farm, she is likely to still get a decent amount from renting out parts of the farm for fans to stay in.

  • What is our Yorkshire farm star Amanda Owen’s net worth?

  • More info Our Yorkshire Farm’s Amanda Owen has boosted an impressive net worth since rising to fame. The shepherdess has her own TV show and has since become an accomplished author. According to the Express, her exact fortune is unknown but TG Time estimates the shepherdess to have around one million in the bank.

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