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What Is Factory Farming? Factory farming is the practice of breeding and raising vast numbers of animals in cramped, unnatural conditions, to harvest their meat, milk, and eggs (among other body parts).

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  • What is factory farming in animal agriculture?

  • Factory farming is an intensive, industrialized business model for animal agriculture. Each factory farm鈥攐r large concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO)鈥攐ften raises thousands of animals at a time. By minimizing space and maximizing output, operating costs are kept to a minimum.

  • What is factory farming and why is it bad?

  • Factory farms are disastrous for the environment, nearby communities, consumer health, and animal welfare. F actory farming is the primary way that the United States and many other countries produce popular animal products like hamburgers, cheese, and eggs. But it鈥檚 far from a flawless process.

  • Which country invented the factory farm?

  • The US invented the factory farm, so it鈥檚 not surprising that the country relies on factory farming for virtually all animal products.

  • What happened to factory farming in the 1980s?

  • Factory farming in the U.S. represented 99% of animal agriculture. By the end of the decade, the annual number of animals slaughtered neared 10 billion. Agricultural subsidies became disproportionately allocated to commodity crops. Corn and soy production alone, grown predominantly as feed for farmed animals]

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