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  • Where does the movie Funny Farm take place?

  • 鈥淔unny Farm:鈥?Chevy Chase鈥檚 Cape Cod in the Country. The movie takes us through all four seasons in the small town of Redbud, Vermont, but it ends during the holidays when the Farmers鈥?charming Cape Cod is decorated with white lights and covered in snow.

  • Who are the actors in the movie Funny Farm?

  • Funny Farm is a 1988 crazy comedy starring Chevy Chase and Madolyn Smith. Chevy Chase plays Andy Farmer who quits his successful NY sports writer job to move with his wife to the country and write a novel. They buy an idyllic Cape Cod house in the town of Redbud, Vermont to begin their new life.

  • What happened to the snow in ‘Funny Farm’?

  • In 1987, the Chevy Chase film, 鈥淔unny Farm鈥?was being filmed in the area and a local citizen鈥檚 home was used for the movie character鈥檚 house. The film crew meticulously decorated the building and lawn for winter, complete with plastic snow and icicles, cotton batting over rooftops and fences. The next day eight inches of heavy wet snow fell.

  • Where is the house in Cape Cod from Funny Farm?

  • The Funny Farm movie Cape Cod is actually a resident鈥檚 home in Grafton, Vermont called Hall House. The Vermonter reports 鈥渢he owners鈥?furnishings were moved out and the movie filled the house up with their own furniture and decorations. gaze on their beautiful property. Country life doesn鈥檛 exactly go as planned.

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