which organization worked for the rights of migrant farm workers

which organization worked for the rights of migrant farm workers插图

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United Farm Workers

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  • Who were the United Farm Workers?

  • The United Farm Workers grew from already well established migrant laborer support groups in the early 1960鈥檚 that campaigned for the rights of migrant farm workers.

  • Who are migrant farm workers and what do they do?

  • Migrant farm workers are predominantly Mexican-born sons, husbands, and fathers who leave what is familiar and comfortable with the hopes and dreams of making enough money to support their families back home; feed themselves; purchase land and a home; and 鈥?like many immigrants who came before them 鈥?ultimately return to their homeland.

  • What happened in the 1970s in farm labor activism?

  • 1970: In a large in farm labor activism, several powerful growers agree to the United Farm Workers’ demands, ending the strike in Delano. [6] Significant People: Cesar Chavez- Born on March 31, 1927 to migrant Mexican farm workers in Yuma, Arizona, Cesar Chavez was an influential activist that helped form the United Farm Workers.

  • Why did Cesar Chavez start the National Farm Workers Association?

  • He knew he wanted farm workers be at the center of his work, however, and decided to form a new organization. Along with experienced union organizer Dolores Huerta, in 1962 Chavez formed the National Farm Workers Association (NFWA), which later became the United Farm Workers of America.

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