why did they change jake from state farm

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  • Why did they change Jake from State Farm to khaki?

  • Why Did They Change Jake From State Farm? The main reason why State Farm decided to nix their original khaki-wearing Jake? Well, he got another job. While he was working as an agent for State Farm and appeared in their commercials, Jake also reportedly worked as a bartender. At the time, the 26-year-old was working two jobs and just living life.

  • Why did state farm Switch Up its spokespeople?

  • And some speculate that there’s a specific reason why State Farm switched up its Jakes: they’re trying to appear woke. Of course, that’s only speculation, and State Farm even released a statement saying that they only replaced Jake because they needed someone to really embrace the spokesperson role.

  • Who plays Jake in the State Farm Insurance commercials?

  • Jake Stone, an actual State Farm Insurance agent, played Jake from State Farm in the 2011 commercial, per Medium. To nab the role, Stone, who was just 26 at the time, responded to a casting call for employees.

  • How did Kevin Miles become the new Jake from State Farm?

  • Kevin Miles, the new Jake from State Farm, has a story that could only happen in Hollywood. According to Forbes, Miles went from sleeping in his car when he first moved to Los Angeles to become a star in commercials, working with Drake! Miles won’t have to sleep in his car anymore because now he is a celebrity.

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