why is jake from state farm black now

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The new Jake is black,which is the most obvious indicator for seeing this as a diversity casting. Others speculate that this decision isn鈥檛 race motivated,that it鈥檚 about sexual orientation. The theory is that the new Jake is gay,which is something I鈥檝e been unable to confirm after some light Googling.

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  • What happened to the original Jake from State Farm?

  • If the recent and current State Farm commercials feel odd but you can’t figure out why, it’s because the original Jake from State Farm has been replaced. The original Jake from State Farm debuted in 2011, and his name was Jake Stone. He was a real State Farm employee who won the company casting call and effectively became the face of the brand.

  • Why did state farm Switch Up its spokespeople?

  • And some speculate that there’s a specific reason why State Farm switched up its Jakes: they’re trying to appear woke. Of course, that’s only speculation, and State Farm even released a statement saying that they only replaced Jake because they needed someone to really embrace the spokesperson role.

  • Is Jake from Jake and the Jets a real actor?

  • The new Jake, however, is a professional actor. As quoted in a popular website, the assistant Vice-president of Marketing from State Farm, Patti Morris stated that the original Jake was great at delivering the signature like 鈥楿h鈥hakis鈥? However, the role of Jake has been expanded and has become very demanding.

  • What happened to Jake Roloff from State Farm?

  • According to a follow-up interview in 2014, Jake had quit his part-time job at State Farm and become a seasonal employee for the town of Normal, Ill. He also worked as a bartender at a place called Pub II. He would still get recognized, but admitted that life hadn鈥檛 changed that much for him.

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